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Paddington Bear Unit Study From Branch Out World {Review}

When offered the chance to review the literature study Paddington Bear from Branch Out World, I jumped at it!

A couple of years ago I had given a copy of Paddington Bear, along with Paddington himself to a friend who was having a baby. Had I realized that “The Puzzler” didn’t even know who Paddington was, I would have gotten two sets! Because he didn’t know about Paddington, I really wanted to do this.

Up until now, I had never even heard of the company Branch Out World, but I am sure glad I know about it now!

Branch Out World is a homeschooling family based in West Yorkshire, a metropolitan county in England. I believe strongly that whenever possible, supporting homeschool families with your educational purchases is a good thing, just like when I go shopping in person I prefer to keep my dollars in my own city if I can.

This literature based unit study was written to accompany the book Paddington, written by Michael Bond. It is part of the Picture Book Explorers Series. Here you can see “The Puzzler” and me with the book (he hates having his picture taken!)

Paddington 4

This  unit study, like all of those from Branch Out World, is written as if the reader is in the United Kingdom. This is fun, because we got more of a view of where and how Paddington lives, and where he came from (Darkest Peru). It is not at all difficult to work out different spelling and different terms. I thought it was fun for example to read in the list of things to get, a library “ticket.”

The Paddington Bear 69 page Unit Study is intended to be used over a five-day period, with different topics to be covered each day. The idea is to read the book, and cover the topics for that day, then each day after that, do the same thing with another topic. Using this study as intended, you will cover:

  • Day 1 – Exploring the Setting – when and where
    This section looks at history and geography, and looks at the themes
    presented in the book.
  • Day 2 – Exploring the Words
    This section looks at literary devices and some grammar, as along with
    giving opportunities for creative writing.
  • Day 3 – Exploring the Pictures
    This section has the student looking at the pictures in more detail, giving ways for your child to create his or her own artwork.
  • Day 4 – Exploring Science
    This section looks at scientific topics that come up in the book, from animal
    studies to hands-on experiments.
  • Day 5 – Exploring Maths, Crafts and More
    In this section, your child will lightly touch on math activities in a way
    that relates to the story. Math will also often come into the
    suggested craft activities and recipes intended to bring a fun ending to your
    exploration journey.

“The Puzzler” really enjoyed the map and flag activities the best! He loves coloring, and here, he is coloring the included map of the United Kingdom, after labeling England, London and the River Thames.

Paddington 2

Here, you can see him sticking Paddington’s explorer flag as close to London as he can get it. He used a very small piece of double-sided tape on just one end, so it would partially stick up.

Paddington 1

As you can see above, the page where he colored the flags of England and Peru is peeking out.

This study is actually written towards ages 5 through nine. However, with special needs children at varying levels of ability, this worked very well for us. In fact, I could have used it with all of the boys, and I am thinking that I will at some later point when we can delve even more deeply into all of the rabbit trails and projects. I think it will be fun for us all to do it together as a collaboration!

While browsing the Branch out World catalog, I saw a number of interesting options! I would love for example, to do the Earthquakes & Volcanoes Bundle together with my boys. I think they would love it!

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