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A Sad Good-Bye . . .

With the permission of my dear friend Robin Burns, I am writing this post about her son, Tyler Burns. Tyler died yesterday morning, having saved the lives of some friends. You may read more about what happened here:


What I want to do here, though, is tell you what Tyler and his family were to our life. When we first moved to Pt. Huron, MI, Tyler’s mom Robin was my very first friend there, and Ty and my two older boys, “The Batman” and “The Artist” grew up together. They played together. We watched each others kids when needed. Our boys attended each others birthday parties.

Here is a picture from “The Batman’s 13th birthday party. Tyler is the second boy over from the “Batman”, watching the gifts being opened.

And here he attended “The Artist’s” 9th birthday party:

Which was just one month later. Ty is at the far end of the table, in front of the china cabinet, to the left as you face the cabinet.

Tyler was one of my favorite playmates for my sons. But several years before we moved to NM, Ty’s family moved to WY, and of course, we missed them so much.

It is so hard to believe now, that we will never see Tyler again, until we reach heaven, but so good to know for certain, that we WILL see him there. I know that he accepted Jesus Christ as his Saviour when he was a young boy, and that we will see him again.

Please pray, as my family is doing, for the Burns family as they go through this terrible suffering and loss.



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