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Positive Action Bible Curriculum Building Life Castles {Review}

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I am so happy to have received 4th Grade – Building Life Castles from Positive Action Bible Curriculum.  for our family to review!

When I researched this curriculum to see the company’s doctrinal statement and foud it to closely match my own beliefs, and to discover that any scripture directly quoted is from the Bible version used by our family (King James Version), I was so happy that I immediately ordered a second Student Manual/Workbook so that both of the boys could use it.

With 160 pages, the Student Manual/Workbook is colorful and easy to navigate for the student.

Lessons 1 – 13 cover things such as the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, emphasizing His teaching and atonement for us, with the following titles:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • The Promised Messiah
  • The Boy Jesus
  • The Land Where Jesus Lives
  • Victory Over Temptation
  • The Disciples of Jesus
  • The Ministry of Jesus
  • Jesus Reveals His Power
  • Responses to Jesus’ Power
  • Jesus Teaches with Parables
  • Jesus Teaches About Salvation
  • The Crucifixion of Jesus
  • The Resurrectionof Jesus

Lessons 14 – 17 cover The work of the Holy Spirit in believers with the following:

  • The Arrival of the Holy Spirit
  • The Spirit’s Work in Us
  • The Fruit of the Spirit
  • Who Controls Your Life?

Lessons 18 – 28 is going to cover examples and explanations of godly character from both the Old and New Testaments:

  • God Cares for You
  • Your Inner Character
  • Confidence in God
  • Compassion for Others
  • Courage to Stand Alone
  • Learning to Trust God
  • The Value of Humility
  • Learning Submission
  • Patience to Endure
  • The Need for Forgiveness
  • Making Wise Choices

Lessons 29 – 35 teach the student about he life and ministry of the Apostle Paul with the following:

  • Saul the Persecutor
  • Saul’s Conversion
  • Paul’s Missionary Journeys
  • Earthquake at Philippi
  • Paul Faces Trouble
  • Paul’s Final Journeys
  • A Race Well Run

The Teacher’s Manual, has a good section of teaching materials, along with copies of the student pages with the answers.

The Teacher’s Manual also contains the quizzes for each lesson.

There are 10 Hymn lyrics in the back of Student Manual/Workbooks the books,

as well as a page for making a record of the student’s Scripture Memory.

There are 35 lessons, and this is intended to be a one school year curriculum. We are using is with one lesson per week, which is going quite well. My boys have some special needs (especially the eldest), and this is perfect  for them. “The Batman” was excited the second he saw the crossword puzzles, which were easy enough for him to handle! 

There is a sample from the Student Manual/Workbook and the Teacher’s Manual on the site for this curriculum.

His brother “The Artist” also liked the crossword.

They both enjoyed finding and reading the Bible verses to find the answers to the clues.

Here are some more pictures that I took the first week the began their lessons (after that, they wouldn’t let me bother them with the camera while working!).

I really, really like the Building Life Casles from Positive Action Bible Curriculum. I like that my boys are both willing and eager to jump into it everytime I ask, and I love that it fits our beliefs and the few times I’ve seen a piece of scripture directly quoted, it was KJV. If you do not use the KJV, it is very easy to use your own choice of Bible, because for the most part the lessons simply note which verse/s to look up.

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