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Finally Found My New Mexico Hair Stylist!!!

So I have been desperate enough to go to an assembly line, “get ’em in, get ’em out” place (which shall go un-named, but has the initials F & S . . . ) for cut, color and eyebrow wax ever since we’ve been here, because, well, I couldn’t just not get my cut, color and wax done on at least a semi-regular basis . . . But I have NOT been happy with the results at all.

I REALLY miss my stylist, C.J. Greer, the owner of Urban Chic Salon back in Michigan, and Whitney Ouellette, who did my hair whenever C.J. was booked . . .

This is what I’ve been looking like, after the assembly line, chain place.



Today, I went to a wonderful place called Neilmarie Salon, and one of their stylists, Jody Muniz, worked on my hair. She took the time to consult with me about colors, about cut, about my hair texture, etc . . . She did NOT try to rush me through. She told me right from the start, “I don’t let a client leave until they are happy”. THAT made me feel happy, right there! 🙂

The atmosphere there is very comfortable, very colorful and artistic. There are a number of art pieces for sale that were created by the owner. The place is even decorated in similar colors to Urban Chic!

So, Jody and I conferred about my colors for this appointment (I like to play, so every time I go my hair color WILL be somewhat different, LOL!), she went and mixed the colors, and came back with colors and a pile of foils. After a few moments, I was in definite “Beam me up, Scotty!” mode, LOL!




25 minutes on a timer to process the color, then she removed the foils and washed the excess dye out. Then, she created a really, really cute cut for me!





Just so you know, that is NOT pink in my hair. Between the lighting in the salon, and my camera, it may look that way in the pictures, but it isn’t. Jody used one of the chocolate shades, a mahogany (it’s the mahogany that looks pink in the pictures, but it’s actually a nice red tone), and a coppery shade, weaving those colors and the color that was already there, to give me TONS of color play. She showed me how to style it like this with just my blow dryer, fingers, and some stuff called Working Spray (which I bought), and she also put a really nice solution on it before styling, it made my hair feel so soft! It was called Moroccanoil,
and I will definitely be going back to buy some in a couple of weeks when it goes on sale. 🙂

I am VERY happy with the result, and have already made my next appointment toward the end of April! 🙂

I shall miss you greatly, C.J. and Whitney, but sadly, 1700 miles is just too far for me to go for regular hair care. Thankfully, I’ve found someone here who cares as much about how my hair looks as you always did!

*added on April 13, 2013*

I went back and bought the Moroccanoil Treatment, and the Moroccanoil Hydrating Cream when they had their product sale a couple of weeks ago, and have been very pleased with how easy they are to use. I will be stopping back in probably at the end of this month, and purchasing the Moroccanoil styling product for curly hair, which Jody used during my appointment today, along with the other products. I LOVE this place, and am SO happy with Jody as my stylist! I know my hair is in good hands, just like it was back in Michigan! 🙂


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