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Weekly Wrap-Up . . . Pantry Challenge Update

As I mentioned a few posts back, I’m attempting a pantry challenge, an idea I got from reading the blog Good Cheap Eats. If you are at all interested in joining in, click the graphic below . . .


As I told you in my initial post about this, I spent an afternoon while all of my kids were gone cleaning out and taking inventory of my deep freezer (which is in the garage). Here are the (then) contents of the deep freezer . . .

Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 001
Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 002

The contents of my refrigerator . . .
Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 006

The contents of the freezer in the top of the fridge . . .
Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 004

And the contents of the pantry cupboard . . .
Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 003

Once I finished doing that, and getting rid of stuff that was out of date, I better organized my pantry cupboard. This is what it looked like when I was done . . .

Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 011

Now that the kids are back, we’ll see how well it stays organized, lol!

Anyway, I don’t know how great of an idea it was to do this right now, because the very day I did all of this my husband took me out to dinner for date night, since we had no kids at home. Of course, we used a gift card to Cracker Barrel that he had received, so that actually brought our cost down to a bit over $10.., after paying the difference plus a tip. Then, the Monday right after was my birthday, and we did get take-out from a favorite regional pizza place called Dion’s.

I think, though, that over all, we’ve been doing fairly well at mostly using what we have on hand, with some filling in around the edges at the grocery store. My inventory showed a woeful lack of meat, so when I shopped that weekend I did buy ground turkey, boneless pork chops, and a seasoned pork roast (for the crock pot on Sunday), all at Sam’s Club. I have also bought dry cereal (store brand Cheerios and corn flakes), milk, eggs, bacon and English muffins (because we generally do breakfast for supper on Saturday, which my husband cooks, yay! I have also continued to buy milk and bread, and just today I bought (as I do each month) a big box of Neuman’s Own K-cups (80 count) at Sam’s Club, for my husband’s Keurig coffee maker. He is the only person in the house who drinks coffee, so the machine was a good investment for us.

So, here are some of what we’ve been having, as we eat down the pantry and the fridge/freezers . . . I had two sets (2 boxes each, we have a big family) of hamburger helper. we had one of those (with ground turkey) last week one night, and will use the last set of two boxes in the next several days. I probably won’t buy them anymore. First, they have been bothering my husband’s stomach, and second, I’d love to get away from using things like this.

We had eggs (with green chile and cheese), bacon and English muffins for supper on Saturday, and will again tomorrow.

One night we had chicken enchilada casserole. Last night, I used the package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts, two packages of Stove-top dressing, a package of frozen broccoli cuts and a jar of turkey gravy. I baked the chicken breasts (at 350 degrees), covered with foil, until almost done, then removed them from the (9 x 13) baking dish and emptied out the liquid. I put the broccoli in the bottom of the baking dish, then put the prepared stuffing over that. I returned the chicken breasts to the pan on top of the stuffing, then poured the gravy over it. After re-covering it with foil, I put it back in the oven for about 30 more minutes. I had THOUGHT to have about half of it left for another meal, but it actually went over very well, and I was left with exactly enough left to make into ONE frozen lunch for my husband to take to work one day. 🙂

Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 012

Pantry Challenge Jan 2014 013

Tonight, I will be making pizza casserole and garlic bread. Tomorrow, I am having a Silpada party for a friend who is a consultant, so when I shopped today, I picked up a few things for refreshments. I already have several flavors of home-made goat cheese thawing in the fridge that were given to me by a friend, so to go with that I picked up a few kinds of snack crackers (including one that is gluten-free, as I know at least one attendee is gluten-free), a veggie tray and a fruit tray, a pound of chicken salad, and an angel food cake. I will take the cake and use it along with canned pineapple tidbits and redi-whip that I already have on hand to serve as a dessert tomorrow. Since the party is mid-afternoon, after lunch and before supper, I don’t need to do a full meal. By the way, if you would be interested in “attending” the party via the internet, you can go to my consultant’s site here and click on me as hostess (Lori Moffit). They have beautiful jewelry, made from real silver. 🙂

So, that’s where I am at this point in the pantry challenge . . . and I will continue on with it as long as possible. I really want to use up the stuff we have that I’m trying not to buy anymore, and I want to move into doing things like make ahead freezer meals, both for the slow cooker and for the oven. I think it will help us to be healthier, and save money besides. You might consider doing a pantry challenge yourself, and see if it works for you!

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Weekly Wrap-Up . . . New Years Week . . .

This week, we had our mid-week service on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. We had a potluck fellowship at 6:00, followed by the service at 7:00. Two of the boys at our church are home from college for Christmas, and they, along with two of the boys from the teen group each were given the opportunity to preach for about 10 minutes each. I thought they did an awesome job! The service ended around 8:30, and we went home to get the boys to bed. In fact, my husband and I did not stay up late, either, because he had to get “The Batman” and “The Artist” up very early, so that he could get them back to the church in time to leave with the youth group for winter retreat, in Colorado.

On New Years Day, the rest of us kind of had a lazy day. I wasn’t feeling real great, and napped off and on, but was better by that night.

On Thursday, friends from church came and got “Mr. Loquacious” and “The puzzler” for an overnight with their kids. I ended up with most of the day yesterday and today to myself!

I told you yesterday what I would be doing with the time, and I did. As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve decided to join in with the Pantry Challenge posted by fellow blogger Jessica Fisher over at Good Cheap Eats. As I told I would, I cleaned out and inventoried my pantry, fridge/freezer and deep freezer. I’m embarrassed to say I had to throw out a bunch of stuff. That’s the other reason I’m doing this, so I can learn to keep track of what we have, and use it up, thereby being a better steward.

So, I have rather a lot of odds and ends in the pantry, but very little meat, veggies or fruit. So, before I head out in the morning for groceries, we’ll be going over what we have and figuring out what we need to go with it.

I will update on the pantry challenge at least a couple of times a week. Not necessarily every day, because I have other things scheduled for posting too, but I will keep up to date on this. 🙂 You can find out all about where I got this idea by clicking the graphic below . . .

Today while the kids were all still gone, I worked on my ministry cards. I have my own tiny ministry at church with my hand-crafted cards. So far, I have eleven ladies and one family on my encouragement list, and I make them a card every week. I bring them to church to give them on Sunday. I really enjoy it, it feels good to encourage others!

I also worked on getting my blog planner printed out so I can either get it into a notebook or have it spiral bound at an office supply store, and printed out the words to the song I’m singing next Sunday evening, so that the pianist and I can practice it.

Then, it was time to go pick everyone up! We got back a little while before my husband got home, and then he cooked supper, hamburgers and hot dogs, the extras we didn’t use on New Years Day. We also had the rest of the potato salad, coleslaw, and some potato chips. It was nice. 🙂

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“Gone, Gone, Gone, Gone, All My Kids Are Gone”!

OK, so, let’s just be real here . . . I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my kids, and if anything ever happened to any of them, my heart would be in shreds. However, as any of you who are moms surely know, especially if you are fellow homeschooling moms, sometimes, we just need a little break. Right? 🙂

So, my older two, “The Batman” and “The Artist” left yesterday with the teen group from our church for their annual winter retreat to the Cross Bar X Ranch in Durango, Colorado, and the twins, ”
Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler” just left a little while ago for an overnight with friends from church who have two kids that are great friends with our kids. I am kid-less until late tomorrow afternoon when the teens return, at which time I’ll be getting the twins back as well.

So what will I do with my time alone, you ask? Well, write this post, for one, LOL!

I will also shortly, be doing an inventory of my pantry cupboard, fridge/freezer and deep freezer, in preparation for joining the Pantry Challenge posted by fellow blogger Jessica Fisher over at Good Cheap Eats.

You can read all about it by clicking the graphic below . . .


She is doing a two week challenge, with specific goals. My challenge to myself is not for a specific time period, because I am planning to simply have us use up what we have, with a goal towards purchasing only the grocery items needed to round out meals made as much as possible from existing supplies. This will do a few things . . . it will save money, first and foremost. It will also force me to be more creative in meal planning and preparation, and it will help get these three areas emptied out for cleaning. I think it will also serve to show me where I need to make changes in food shopping, either because we have things that turn out to be something we don’t care for, or because it may give me the incentive to try harder to use more “real” foods, instead of convenient, packaged things. It will definitely help us become better stewards of what we have, which, as a Christian, I believe is something we should all learn to do.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk about what I find in my inventory, and hopefully, how I plan to implement this whole thing, and we’ll see how it goes.

In any event, I’m going to give it a try. Anyone game to join me? 🙂

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