Medical Clearance

So Tuesday was my medical clearance appointment at Henry Ford Hospital. The doctor cleared me, but did say I need to get another A1c test before my scheduling appointment, because she said that Dr. Carlin will want to see that my blood sugar levels are coming down. I am confident that my A1c will show that they are, because when I check my blood I an see the results are so much lower now that I’m not drinking pop anymore, plus have cut way back on fast food. I’ve lost about 8 pounds, 12 more to reach the goal the surgeon set for me to lose before scheduling surgery.  Then I just have to keep it off until surgery, because if I gain it back they will postpone my surgery. My scheduling appointment is August 13, so I anticipate the surgery being scheduled for sometime after the first of the year, since they are already scheduling months ahead.  When I was there for my consult on April 28th, they were scheduling October surgeries! This isn’t a bad thing though, because my husband has no more paid days for this year other than the one he’s taking for my scheduling day. He’s going to stay at the hospital for the two nights I’ll be there, plus be home for at least a few days after, so it’s for the best that it won’t be until then, we really can’t afford for him to just take a week off with no pay.

So, I finally found a protein bar I don’t hate, Pure Protein bars, which I can buy at Sam’s Club. Now I have to decide on a protein powder, because I will be on that mixed into liquids, etc for a while before and after surgery. I’m currently testing the different flavors from, and so far they are OK. At least I don’t have to force them down like the stuff I bought from GNC, that was HORRIBLE!!!  I tried the vanilla flavor with orange Crystal Lite last night. I’m thinking if I get a blender and add ice they might be even better.

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  1. Jean

    Lori, I don’t know if you know this but I work at a health food store on range rd. Called Natures Living Bounty, it is in the outlet mall. We have protein shakes and meal replacement shakes they taste good even Dave drinks them. If you want to check them out maybe be an otpion for ya.

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