Boys and broken bones…

Well, we just got home from a sudden trip to the emergency room! Our oldest was out with his respite worker today, and they went to the beach to hang out. They were throwing a football, and our son jammed his right index finger. Unfortunately, it is the same finger he broke 5 years ago, and had to have surgery on, so we felt we should get it checked out, just in case. He definitely as at least a hairline fracture, and will be seing the orthpedic Dr. who did his surgery before.  I told him that SOME people will do anything to get out of piano prctice, LOL!  I’m getting the impression right now that the worst thing is that he can’t manage to play his nintendo DS. He also can’t get it wet, and he can’t play the way he normally does, either, so he’s not a very happy camper just now. We’re going to a friend’s for a couple days soon for a birthday party, and they have a pool, but I was told if we wrap it real well in a plastic bag and tape it he could go in the water.  We’ll have to do that for him to shower, too. But he cannot go out after church on Sunday and Wednesday evenings and play volleyball with the other kids, which is making him sad. The one positive is that he didn’t break it a bad as the last time, when it as bent sideways and almost backward!

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  1. jennifer

    Leave it to boys! Austin sprained his ankle and cousin nathan broke his foot all in one night.

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