Getting closer!

Well, for all of my thinking about how it would be too long of a wait between my last consult when I received my surgery date and the actual date, it’s suddenly almost here! Of course, it was a long time to have to maintain the 20.2 pound weight loss, and of course I was not able to do it, so now I’m working on getting the last of it back off. My surgery is the 27th, with my weigh in on the 26th, and I’ve got 6.1 pounds to go, but I think it’ll be fine. I had more than that to lose a little over a week before my scheduling date and did it. All fast food is out of my life, and I’m buying a Ninja blender from Sam’s as soon as I can afford it, so I can make my own slurpees with my Crystal Light and protein powder. I like the Ninja because it’s not too large, and has several different functions. The one I will use for this crushes and shaves ice.

So, this past Monday was my oldest son’s birthday party. His actual birthday is on the 13th, but there was a museum exhibit he wanted to go to during his party which ends this Sunday, so we just did the party early.  For his party food, he chose chili dogs, chips, koolaid, and the chocolate/peanut butter cake for which I was a finalist in the Flint Journal Bake Off in 1995 (I think it was that year!). I pre-planned for myself so as not t self sabotage myself. I bought a Dole Salad Kit, & some individual sugar free jello cups. I determined ahead of time that I would have one chili dog, no chips, no cake or ice cream. Instead, with my one chili dog, I had salad, water, and for dessert I had my sugar free jello. And The following night when the kids wanted cake for dessert, I again did not have any. Yesterday was MY birthday, and I went to lunch at Olive Garden, where I had water with lemon, a stuffed mushroom appetizer, and the soup & salad special. No dessert. I asked Mike (my husband) if he and the kids would just please finish up the cake after their lunch while I was gone, though, because otherwise I might well have given in to temptation.  They had Dijourno’s Pizza for supper, and I had a salad with pecans & multiple kinds of berries in it. So really, two birthdays, and I did great, I think.

Today I ordered part of the protein powder I will need for the week before surgery (when I will be on clear liquid diet only, with protein powder for the first part of the week), and the month or so after, from I ordered the unflavored so I could use it in anything. I will have to order more, but couldn’t afford (today) to order all that  I will need. I ordered 4 cannisters, and will need at least 8 or 10 before being back on regular foods completely. I will need to take in at least 80 grams of protein per day.

I’m also re-reading the binder full of information I was given at the first meeting I went to about the surgery. Every time I read it I see something I missed the first time, so it’s a good thing to do.

Now that the actual date of surgery is so close, i’m feeling excited about it, and nervous about it, too. I’m not looking forward to that week before surgery, but I’m so looking forward to after!

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