Day 2…

Coming toward the end of day 2 of my seven day clear liquid diet for surgical prep. I can have sugar free jello (made with protein powder), sugar free popsicles, low sodium broth,crystal light for six days, then the day before surgury, just the clear liquids, no protein.   As you might guess, this is FUN!!!!!! It will be worth it though, during the surgery and after. I’m getting tons of support from my HFH bariatric patient support group on yahoo, and from my CCU friends (the best home education yahoo group around!). 

The other day we had the guardianship hearing for our eldest son, who just turned 18. He is developmentally disabled, and cannot be on his own. It went well, we now have full guardianship that doesn’t expire, and a back up guardian who loves him and will take him, should something happen to us.  Now we just have to get to work on the legalities of making sure our other kids will go to her as well if something happens.  This is the same wonderful friend (or as we told the judge, “chosen family”) who will be keeping our children while I’m in the hospital.  (better pray for her, LOL!) I don’t have a lot to say no, but will try to really write about this particular journey after surgery, the good and bad, the changes I make, etc.

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