Life’s Little (or big!) Speed Bumps!

So…this past Few days have been very busy! On Tuesday, my husband had a follow up appointment with his surgeon (he had spinal surgery last month). After he went to shower and change in the early afternoon, so as to have time to rest before the appointment, we discovered that his almost closed incision had completely opened back up, was deep, bleeding and seeping. Took him to the surgeon’s office right away at their direction, of course, and they scheduled him for surgery the next morning. So… Now we’re waiting to discover what kind of infection is in there, so they can treat it. Meanwhile, he is in the hospital at LEAST through this weekend, and we’ll see after that. 😦 He’s not having a fun time at all, with all of this mess. I think he originally thought he’d be back to work long before this…

We are discovering more and more what a wonderful church family we’ve become part of out here, two lovely ladies from church came (very early in the morning) yesterday and stayed with the kids, taking them to church last night. I made it to church too, as my husband wanted me to go, and took the kids home after.

Today, I took the kids for flu shots, then to see their dad for a bit, as they were very anxious about him. We didn’t stay too long, because my husband wanted to get his pain med and rest, but at least he was able to see them and reassure them.

Came home and began working on laundry (which never seems to end), and our assistant pastor brought over a couple of meals that ladies had made and taken to the church for us (we live a ways from our church, so it was easier to do it that way). We are now warming a lasagna and a vegetable dish in the oven for tonight’s supper, and my house smells WONDERFUL! 🙂

When my husband is finally better from all of this, I intend to become involved in that ministry, as I have been in previous churches. For any of you considering where you can minister, it is a very important ministry, too. You never know how much it means until you are the recipient of caring people who take the time out of their busy schedule to fix and bring your family a meal when life is a bit overwhelming, whether because you’ve just had a baby, or just come home from the hospital, or you have a husband in the hospital and a bunch of kids to manage at the same time. Ever since the first time I was on the receiving end of this ministry I’ve known what a blessing it is, and always tried to be involved in the giving end of it, too, and I always will!

Right now, I have one child reading one of the new Hardy Boys books he got for his birthday, and the other three are playing and watching Veggie Tales, which allowed me time between laundry loads to write this. As you can see, I meant it when I said I intended to be more intentional and frequent with my blog writing! I’m trying to average at least once a week and go up from there.

Have a good evening, everyone, and remember to see the blessings more than you see the troubles! 🙂

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  1. Heather

    Praying for you and your family Lori. Much love from Michigan 🙂

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