A Follow Up To An Earlier Post . . .

Today I am updating a post I made a few weeks back . . .

In today’s edition of the ABQJournal, columnist Joline Gutierrez-Krueger published this column.

The third portion of this column is written about a family that we in OUR family hold dear. We have, and would again, trust these parents with the lives of our own children.

We, like them, are raising a child adopted from foster care who, as a result of reactive attachment disorder along with other things, has harmed himself, at least one sibling, and me, his mother, during the first two and a half years he was with us. He is a different child now, but during that time, he repeatedly, if he did not get his way, deliberately harmed himself, while saying he would then go tell others that we had done it. We were lucky in that we had a number of mandatory reporters as part of our circle of family and friends who had witnessed this behavior, or we would have been in the same boat as the Kuckartz family.

They do NOT deserve what is being done to them! They did every single thing asked of them by CYFD. Their children were returned to them long ago. It is my understanding that some CYFD workers involved in the case have even come and apologized for what they put the family through.

They are now stalked and harassed by strangers. They have had horrible things painted on their vehicle while it was in a parking area during errands. They are losing their home as a result of mounting legal bills. And they are facing 18 years of prison, because a DA wants to build a reputation on the backs of people who have taken on children who have serious problems that were created by the true abusers, their birth parents.

I implore you to check out the articles, and facebook.com/seekingjusticenow, and please, help this family. Sign the petition. Pray for their protection from this “prosecutorial vindictiveness”, which is exactly what it is. Stop this DA from continuing to harass and terrorize this family.

I said this in my previous post, and I will say it again . . .

this needs to stop . . . NOW!

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