“E” is for earrings . . .

. . . or more precisely, my very favorite earrings, called Flirty, from the Lia Sophia company. I was wearing them a few weeks ago while out running errands, and somewhere along the line I lost one of them. 😦 Sadly, they are retired. And the Lia Sophia consultant from whom I purchased them didn’t have them in her kit, so I can’t get a new set from her. I’ve been stalking ebay, but there are none up for auction at the moment.. apparently, I just missed a set, the auction ended on march 24th, and they went for only $14.99. So, I will continue to stalk ebay, and perhaps one of our children (the best finder there is) will go search my minivan in the morning. If it fell off in my vehicle, I can guarantee that “The Puzzler” will be able to find it. However, I don’t hold out a ton of hope for that, I’m pretty certain I couldn’t be that lucky, it probably fell out of my ear in a parking lot somewhere!

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