“N” is For . . .

Number! As in the huge number of things going on around here this week! First, we have the Biblical Music Conference at our church, which began this past Sunday morning, and concludes tomorrow evening. It has been FANTASTIC so far . . . please, go here to listen to what we’ve been learning about!

Tonight, I am singing the special before the message, so I will not be eating the meal beforehand, as the menu tonight is green chili cheese burgers and hot dogs. I’m far enough out from my gastric bypass that I can handle a cheeseburger most of the time, but I just know that if I try it on a night I have to sing, I WILL get sick, so I’m just not taking the chance.

For the meals being served before the evening sessions, I’ve been making desserts. Last night I made cherry/chocolate cake, and today I made my “Totally Bad For You” (aka chocolate/peanut butter) cake. Tomorrow I’m making pineapple upside down cake, plus a casserole for the potluck.

Then Thursday is the beginning of our state homeschooling convention, and I will be attending that Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, and then Saturday morning.

Thursday morning, before going to convention, I need to go to Maurice’s in the mall to return a dress that my husband didn’t approve of, stop at Barnes and Noble to pick up a book for “The Batman”, along with finding birthday gifts for “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler”, and get to the convention. And get lunch in there somewhere.

I need to finish writing a review of an e-book my kids just finished as a read aloud, and get that posted.

And then, there is the never-ending Mount Wash-more . . .

So I have a NUMBER of things going on this week!

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