“W” is For . . .

Weather, I think . . . and how different it is here in New Mexico than it was in Michigan. Back there, it was very humid, which means that during the winter, it would be bone chilling cold, and during the summer, it would be sweat like crazy hot. Here, though, it is the desert, so while we did have a couple of cold weeks during the winter, it was nowhere NEAR the bone chilling feeling I had in Michigan. In fact, even though I did have to buy a winter jacket (as my old one had gotten too large, and I gave it away before moving out here), I think I only needed to wear it five or six times this past winter. The rest of the time, I wore a zip up hoodie or a light spring/fall jacket. Also, I wore open toe shoes and sandals all winter. THAT was nice!

While my husband arrived here in the beginning of July, our kids and I arrived in the beginning of August. Between all of us, we’ve had that much experience of summer here in New Mexico, and we LIKE it! I used to laugh at people when they said things like “but it’s a DRY heat”, but now I realize that it truly does make a difference! Without the humidity, we don’t feel the heat as bad as we did in Michigan, although, because any sweat evaporates immediately, we don’t have the visual reminder that it is hot, and have to remind ourselves frequently to drink more water.

While we loved Michigan for it’s water, trees and other scenery, we love it here too, for the different weather, and a whole different kind of scenery. Everywhere we go, there is a different view of the beautiful Sandia Mountains, or the lava rocks all over the Petroglyph National Monument Park. The sunsets are so pretty, too!

We’ve been here since August, and it feels like home now.

Especially with such WONDERFUL WEATHER! 🙂

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  1. Kathy

    Update us after you’ve been through an entire summer! But seriously, I’m glad you’re adapting so well.

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