“Z” is For . . .

A whole bunch of words I have never even heard of! From The Phrontistery, you can find a list of unusual words (with definitions) beginning with any letter of the alphabet. For the letter “Z”, I found what looks like at least a couple of hundred, some of which I will give you below:

zabernism – misuse of military authority; bullying

zampone – stuffed pigs’ trotter sausage

zarf – ornamental holder for hot coffee cup

zeugma – use of a word to modify two or more words in different ways

zygoma – bony arch on the side of the skull

zuche – tree stump

So, if you are EVER stumped for a word beginning with “Z” (or any other letter of the alphabet), I would suggest you go take a look through The Phronistery and see what fun stuff you can find! 🙂

I have really enjoyed participating in the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge for the very first time, and hope to continue participating yearly! 🙂

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