Going To Church Tonight! :-)

So, this coming Wednesday, it will be two weeks since I had surgery on my toes. I spend most of my time on the couch, with my feet elevated. I went to church Sunday morning after the surgery, but when my surgeon found out at my first post-op after that Sunday, he said it was too long to be with my feet down, even though I was in a wheelchair borrowed from church. So, I’ve been good ever since, and I get to go to church this evening! 🙂 I hate missing church, ever, so it’s not been easy. “The Artist” is staying home with me, as my husband worries. 🙂 My next post-op is in a week, and my husband says if the doc OK’s it, I can start going Sunday mornings after that. Plus, the day after my appointment we have the picnic for our church’s homeschool group (and my husband’s birthday!), so I’m hoping to do that, as well. Wish me luck!:-)


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2 responses to “Going To Church Tonight! :-)

  1. Valerie

    How did it go, Lori? Hope you were able to go and enjoy yourself.

    • It was good, Valerie! They turned the seat in front of me around so I could have my feet elevated! We had a little fellowship after service for a family that is moving to Oregon (husband’s being transferred in his job) and I could only manage to stay for a short time for that before needing to get home and get the feet back up, but it went well!

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