Catching Up . . .

It’ll be two weeks tomorrow since I had surgery on my feet, but it seems like it’s been forever that I’ve had to be sitting or lying down with them elevated above my heart. You’d think it would be enjoyable to be forced to just lie around not doing much, but for me, as a wife and mother, it’s getting somewhat old, and I am feeling guilty that my husband is having to fit in as much of my work as he can around his own work schedule. Our kids are doing their best to pick up some of it, but there are still things they aren’t able to do correctly (wash clothes, cook) because of their different disabilities. They ARE able to do everything laundry after it’s been sorted and begun washing, for example, one of them moves the wet clothes to the dryer, another brings they dry clothes to the living room, and a third one folds, but none of them can get a load begun washing yet. My stepson is getting fairly good at helping to cook, and did, one day last week, manage to heat up the dinner someone from church had brought over, but he’s not ready to go start to finish just yet. 🙂

My next post-op appointment with the surgeon is on June 3, but I know I have to go at least 4 weeks from surgery before I can get the pins out of my toes. I’m hoping the second two weeks go faster than the first two have gone!

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