Exciting New Product From The Old Schoolhouse Magazine!


The Old Schoolhouse is now offering an exciting new opportunity to you! For the one time only purchase of $25.00, you will receive unlimited, permanent access to their digital library of more than 175 E-books or audio books for homeschool support and encouragement from many popular homeschool publishers and TOS. Some of these include:

15 audio books from My Audio School in History and Literature

A Glimpse of Carnivorous Plants lapbook from Hands of a Child

Teaching Writing e-book from WriteShop

Video from Jessica Hulcy on “Learning as a Family”

and much more!

With over 25 topics (that’s only $1.00 per topic!), you will find so much to help you as a homeschool family! Some topics:

Arts & Crafts










Organization (with several planners)

Nature Study

Special Needs

plus many more!

As a longtime subscriber to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, even before it went digital, and one who gets a lot of help from the magazine AND from their other products such as schoolhouseteachers.com, I feel safe in promoting this new part of The Old Schoolhouse! Again, it is a one time purchase of only $25.00, and you will receive instant digital downloads of everything, permanently!

Please purchase your schoolhouse Library here, for the one time only price of $25.00. You’ll be very glad you did!

In the interest of full disclosure, in exchange for promoting the homeschool library, I am being given access to this product.

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