what a wonderful time we’re having . . . NOT!

So, now, not only am I laid up from surgery, still having to have my feet elevated most of the time,  3 of our 4 kids have some kind of (hopefully short!) Stomach bug. 😦  We were gifted with a gift card to a great pizza place that’s close to us (yay, Dion’s!) by one of our wonderful deacons and his wife (yay, Butch & Peggy!), however, in the interest of not doing something as wastefull as using it while half the house is sick, we’ll save it for another supper. I may ask my husband to stop on his way home to buy some Mrs. Grass soup mix with real chicken broth, and some crackers. That was my mom’s “go to” meal when we had a stomach bug, and now it’s mine, too. My kids find it comforting, too. My dear husband felt so bad that he couldn’t stay home to help today, but 1, he has no sick days left, 2, there was no same day vacation time availabel today & 3, he has a four hour training that he must attend today. 

Yesterday, my husband was sick at work, and we just thought that the lunchmeat had gone bad because we didn’t use it up fast enough. So he had me throw it out. Now, though, I’m wondering if HE didn’t get this stomach bug first? Oh well, he seems well  enough now, so hopefully the kids will feel better quickly, too! I’m hoping so, because there’s literally not much I can do for them right now, so we’re just struggling along together. 

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  1. I think the stomach bug is going around church… bring your hand sanitizer when you shake hands! We had it here last week…ugh! Hope you guys get back on your feet (ha ha) soon!

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