It’s Christmas Time!

And as always, time is very full, and running short! We have two children in the Christmas play tomorrow night at our church, so they have needed to be there for several rehearsals. The name of the play is “Christmas Hang Ups”, and the children are costumed as ornaments. One of our boys is a cowboy ornament, the other is a Michigan ornament, in honor of where we came from.

Since the twins have play practice late this afternoon, and their dad is doing the lighting, he will take them, while I take our two older boys for their hair cuts. I have a hair appointment tomorrow, so it’s been decided that the twins can get their hair cut while my color is setting.

This week, we have a group of people from church doing Christmas caroling. Last night, they came to our street, and my husband and I went to the doors to invite our neighbors out to hear the singing. we gave them each a dozen cookies, a Christmas card, and an invitation to our children’s play, along with our beautiful candlelight Christmas Eve service. Tonight, we will go do the same in someone else’s neighborhood, and THEY will be the one’s going to the doors.

All in all, it’s been a very busy couple of weeks, and I’ll be very happy when all the rush is over, even though a lot of it has been good. Doing the caroling, which was meant to be a blessing to others, turned out to be one for us, as well, especially as we kept hearing from people that they didn’t think anyone still did caroling! I hope you are all enjoying this time of year, too! 🙂

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