Today’s Science Lesson

So, a while back, I read something on a friend’s blog about making her own foaming hand soap and dish soap. I decided we were going to give it a shot, and have been using an old foaming hand soap container in the master bath to practice with for a while. Today, we ran out in the half bath down stairs, and being on a very tight budget right now, I said let’s do it! I had prepared ahead by purchasing a multi-pack of the foaming hand soaps and putting them in the bathrooms and kitchen. I did NOT buy the foaming refill, however. Why? you ask? because you don’t NEED it! You use the regular liquid soap refill. Here is how it’s done, courtesy of my friend Val over on! It totally worked, and my kids thought it was very cool!

Hope you are all ready for Christmas, and that it will be a wonderful day for you and yours! 🙂

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