Who invented the term “Stay At Home Mom”?

I am a full-time wife, homemaker and mom. I am NOT, however, a “Stay At Home Mom”, who sits around doing nothing. In fact, I don’t know too many moms who are, especially if we are also homeschooling moms. Let’s see, just today, we had to go into the next town to pick up a written prescription at the doctor’s office, then drop it off at the pharmacy.

We then went over to a friend from our church to pick up some things that the boys had left at their house yesterday while she kept them for us so that my husband could go out for the day for my birthday.

We did our piano practice, we undecorated the Christmas tree so that my husband could take it down and put it away, and packed up the other decorations I had put out.

We are preparing to get back to homeschooling, now that Christmas and my birthday are done, and I’ve been picked for my first crew review for 2015.

Let’s see, what else? We have church on Wednesday evenings, so we needed to make sure that everyone was cleaned up and ready to go, that supper was ready early enough to eat and get there on time, and that my boys who are in the teen class had all of their materials ready that they are to turn in on Wednesday night.

Then, we were notified by the pharmacy that we couldn’t pick up the prescription, that the insurance company was refusing it. Well, the child who needed it is completely out, and needs it for tomorrow, so I finally called the pharmacy. Turned out that they entered it wrong. I got them to re-enter it, and was able to pick it up after church, along with dropping something off to a church member who is sick.

Did I mention laundry? Well, there was laundry (home ec?) to do as well.

We moms who do not work at an outside of the home job, we still work, and we are BUSY! We aren’t (at least, I’m not) sitting around, watching soaps, talking nonstop on the phone and eating bonbons. And guess what? f you’re a mom, whether you work a paying job or not, you are WORKING, and at something very, very important. Don’t stop believing that!

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7 responses to “Who invented the term “Stay At Home Mom”?

  1. Lol, your opening paragraph caught me! I totally agree, I’m a home maker at the moment, and I never thought I’d be so busy! Any of the mom’s I know that “stay at home” are almost never at home! They’re the busiest people I know!

  2. stephen tremp

    Sir Cecil Beaton

  3. stephen tremp

    My wife would love this post. I have read studies where a “stay at home mom” was given financial salary for the work she did, including overtime. All the ones I seen were in the six figure salary range.

  4. Meg F

    I’m laughing maniacally over here. Last year, I put about 20,000 miles on my car driving to doctors/therapists, field trips, and vendor shows with my DS businesses that doubles as my high schooler’s econ course! But I’m a “stay at home” mom. Ha! More like “stay-in-car” mom.

  5. I know moms who are far busier than I am outside the home with appointments, field trips, classes, etc. I may not be busy outside of the home, but I am surely never bored or lacking things to do at home. The thought of having a “lazy day” always tempts me but never, ever happens. To think, when I first contemplated staying at home with our first child the one thought I kept coming back to was, “What on earth will I do all day?” Ah, the naivety of a first-time parent.

  6. When people ask if I work or stay home, I answer that I homeschool the kids, because that’s more truthful than saying I stay home! Besides running errands and church (which working parents do too) we also go out to the library and do more sports, co-ops and homeschool activities than we would if we worked and the kids were in school. We must SOCIALIZE those kids, you know!

  7. When asked if I am employed, I reply that I have a full-time unpaid position home schooling and running my home.

    Typical day:
    6:30 – roll out of bed, morning preparations, shower, dress, etc.
    by 8:00 – to kitchen, turn on coffee. Roust my student.
    8:30 – finish eating breakfast. Roust my student again. Check email.
    9:00 – Roust my student again. Say, “I really mean it this time!” It’s not like I can pick him up — he’s 15. Sometimes I can pull him off his bed onto the floor…
    9:00 – Bible reading
    9:30 – Algebra I
    10:30 – first literature reading
    11:00 – history
    12:00 – lunch
    1:00 – Biology
    2:00 – 2nd Literature reading/writing assignment
    2:30 – Spanish
    3:00 – mom’s done; if student is not, he keeps on working. Mom corrects papers in above subjects. I’m probably missing a subject above; can’t think what…Check email.
    3:30 – check calendar; make sure meat is thawed for dinner. Start a load of laundry.
    2X a week – physical therapy after school. Bi-weekly – allergy shot for student. Every six weeks – orthodontist for student one hour from home. Friday/Saturday – create menu plan, shopping list, post to blog. Bless my husband – he shops for me.
    Simultaneously – post regular blog entries; work in review items into our schedule. Make beds; swipe bathrooms; let dogs in and out all day long; wipe up mud prints, sweep, vacuum; keep laundry machine moving. You get the idea.
    Weekly – Boy Scouts Assistant Scout Master

    I think I’m off to go sit locked in the bathroom making raspberry sounds with my lips while I rock back and forth… Or am I just going to watch soap operas on television? Can’t stand them.

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