Zia! (Zentangle Inspired Art)

Recently, I was able to attend the long awaited (by me, anyway!) Zentangle 501 Class – Organic Tangles, offered by my Certified Zentangle Teachers, Dennie York and her sister Karin Tarter. Oh, my, it was SO good! To be truthful, I really didn’t expect too much out of myself, but was willing to try, anyway, because I think ZIA is so very pretty. We learned a whole bunch of new tangles that Dennie and Karin had chosen because they were more organic appearing than some of what we had learned before, and hen we got to work on our own pieces. Here is mine, which I brought home so that I can continue working on it as inspiration strikes . . .

phone dump 20141225 071

And here is a mosaic of all of the students pieces of art. As you can see, many of th others were braver than I was. While I practiced each new tangle on scrap paper, they went right ahead and learned as they worked on their art, and their pieces are AMAZING!

phone dump 20141225 067

You can see a better picture, plus learn more about Zentangle at Dennie York’s blog Dentangles.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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