Beautiful Art!

My husband and I had decided some time ago that if any of our kids showed a real talent in something, and a real desire to grow that talent, we would find a way to help them do so. That’s why I took “The Artist” to his first Zentangle class last month. That class was the only prerequisite to attend ANY later class, so this past Saturday, he came with me, and we both attended Zentangle 201: Back To Basics And Bijou, Too. We had a great time, working with the traditional tiles, and also the smaller Bijou tiles. Here is what we did. . .

This is the first Bijou, using the tangle Flux. This one is “The Artist’s”:


This one is mine:


Next, here is a photo of the class tiles:


Next, we used Bijou tiles for the tangle Purk; Here is the one “The Artist” did:


Here’s mine:


And the class tiles:


The final Bijou was the tangle Betweed. Here is “The Artist’s” . . .


And mine . . .


And the class tiles . . .


After doing the little Bijou tiles, we worked with the traditional tiles to make borders, after which we made cuts so that we could insert whichever Bijou monotangle we wanted to showcase. We can switch them out, too!

Here is “The Artist’s” completed set:


And Mine!


This is so much fun, and I feel like I am also creating real art! 🙂

Not only that, but yesterday, when I got my rebase on my nails, the lovely lady who does them had something in her samples that to me, and to “The Artist” as well, looked like a tangle, so look what she did for me!


I always get a design on one accent nail on each hand. LOVE this one, it goes with my Zentangle interest! 🙂

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  1. You guys did great on your Zentangles. That looked like it would be a fun class to learn as well. Your nails look fantastic. I like the color.

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