Wow . . . Time Sure Gets Away From Me Lately!

Between illnesses in the family (not surprising, with four kiddos, right?), Off and on under the weather times for me as well, I’ve let things slide here on the blog. I certainly didn’t plan that, in fact, I’ve a bunch of blog posts rolling around in my head, ready to be written, and some that I need pictures for. You can expect to see more pictures of “The Artist’s” work, he’s been tangling like crazy, and making Zentangle Inspired Art, too, which I can hardly wait to show you. I need to get myself back to working on tangling as well, so that I can improve, as he has done. Right now, “The Batman” is doing his piano practice, while “The Artist” is waiting to do his. I need to get off the computer and go make a bunch of chicken salad on croissants for Ladies Bible Study this evening. This is our final night for this session, and we generally do a light pot luck sort of thing for the last night. See you all soon! 🙂

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