Home School in the Woods: My Review

“The Artist” has been working on HISTORY Through the Ages Hands-on History Lap-Pak: U.S. Elections, another terrific product from the company Home School in the Woods.

He has especially been enjoying this one because this is an election year, and it will be his first time being a voter!

Home School in the Woods is a quality company, and I really like that the Lap-Paks they have can be purchased as downloads. This allows them to be used for more than one child in your family, including being able to wait and use it again with a younger child who may not be ready when you buy it for an older child. 🙂

Other than supplies such as file folders, double sided tape, some fasteners, card stock, paper and optional colored pencils, every thing you will need is in your download, ready to print, cut, assemble and write information into. Below, you can see the supplies that we began with, to use with our downloaded information:


In fact, many of the small informational booklets give you the choice of printing out the insides with lines to write on, or already typed text for those not ready to write in the provided space, or who, like one of my boys, have difficulty writing or printing.

There will be sections requiring that the student look up the needed information that is provided in a printable text. It can be printed as 8 1/2 x 11 pages to keep in a notebook or as is our preference, as a small booklet, which can then be kept in a pocket we make on the back of the Lap-Pak.

Here, you can see “The Artist” working on some of the projects:





Below, you can see how he is keeping the individual projects from being lost of ruined, until such time as they are all completed. At that time, the actual Lap-Pak will be assembled, and all of the separate projects placed into it. This is one of the best parts of doing a Lap-Pak, because it is all contained into one unit, and the student cements the knowledge he has gained every single time he goes back to look at it. We do like this kind of learning!


I have even been able to print out things as needed, and let “The Artist” loose to work on his own. I had to go out for a while, and asked his dad to have him work on some of the projects I had printed out, and to please take some pictures while he was working. I came home to find out that not only had he taken some good pictures of “The Artist” working, Dad had also gotten some very good pictures of the process, too! I had not even thought to get a close up picture of him putting projects into the large freezer bag, which I feel is an important idea!

All in all, we LOVE Home School in the Woods! The Lap-Paks are wonderful, a d quite full of great information. They are not in any way complicated to use, and I can easily recommend them to anyone, home-schooler or not. 🙂

Here are some more places to check out Home School in the Woods:






U.S. Elections History Lap-Pak  ReviewCrew Disclaimer

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