The Dragon and the Raven . . . A T.O.S. Review

The boys and I have had the wonderful privilege over the past few weeks of listening to, and reviewing yet another great production from the company Heirloom Audio Productions. This time, we received  The Dragon and The Raven, a very exciting story set in the 9th century. 

Along with the two CD package, which runs between two and two and a half hours of listening time, we were given a PDF study guide, approximately 50 pages longer, which allows the parents and students to engage even more thoroughly into the story being told, by providing areas to show how well the students comprehend what they are hearing. There are Listening well questions, Thinking further sections, and defining words, so as to expand the vocabulary.  You can use this verbally as we do, or as a written lesson plan.

As with each of the other Heirloom Audio productions we have had the great fun of listening to, The Dragon and The Raven again begins with two older school boys who meet up with “Mr. George,” based upon G. A. Henty. This is one of many G. A. Henty stories, and I’m very excited to see them being turned into wonderful audio productions!  Ned and Gerald are the school boys, and they are placed into the story by Mr. George as Edmund and Harold.

I love the Heirloom Audio productions, plain and simple. They are producing the stories of G. A. Henty as BEAUTIFUL historical stories to listen to. G. A. Henty wrote wonderful historical fiction, based upon true historical fact. In each of the productions we have had the wonder of listening to, he also involves the two boys into the story, the boys to whom he is telling the story.

One of the other things I love is that these productions give history from a Christian prospective. That is very important to me. Without God, without Christ, their simply is no history, and I want my children to know that. I also want them to learn about calling on the Lord, even in the darkest times when you think nothing will work, instead of turning from Him, as the Saxons did in The Dragon and The Raven.

This particular story revolves around the period in history when the Danes (which is what the Vikings were called at that time), are sweeping over all of England, taking over every kingdom. The young King Alfred of Wessex at the age of only 21, along with his friend Edmund come to realize they may be the only hope to stem the tide, and turn their nation back to their faith in the God they have turned away from.

Will they succeed and be victorious? Will they turn their faith and their nation’s faith back to the God they have abandoned? Will the young King Alfred and his family be able to leave their exile and reclaim their castle? You may want to give it a listen to find out!

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