Inauguration Day is Tomorrow . . .

And I know how very divided our country is right now. And I understand, too. However, here’s the thing . . . It’s a done deal. It’s time to think about some things.

  • We live in one of the most free places in the entire world when it comes to politics and voting.
  • I don’t recall ever in my adult life hearing that 100% of eligible voters participated in their right (and privilege!) to vote and take part in choosing our leaders.
  • Every single election, whether local, state or national, is important, and every single time I hear people complaining, who as it turned out, didn’t even exercise their right to vote! Don’t vote? Don’t complain!

I want you to know, I was greatly disappointed when President Obama won. Both times. Not because of his color, I have two African/American boys. No, it was because my views and beliefs were totally opposed to his. But do you know what we did anyway? My children and I took the day off and we watched both inaugurations. And we watched all of the coverage. Why? Because it was a historical event. EVERY inauguration is a historical event, and I envy those who live where they can actually see it in person.

Our new President-elect was not my first choice, but he is the one who most closely follows the beliefs I hold, and I think it’s important now to support and pray for him, as we should for all of our leaders. We should pray that he WILL be a good president, regardless of our misgivings, whatever they may be.

I saw something on Facebook recently that summed it up for me:

To hope that the president fails is like hoping the pilot of your plane fails while you and a lot of other people are on the plane.” It’s stupid. I’m sorry, but it is.

Once again, my children and I will watch the inauguration tomorrow. We will also be using a free one day unit study from a company called Homechool Legacy, a company I have previously reviewed products for as a member of the Homeschool Review Crew. This study is called Inauguration Mini Study, and you can download it today here, free. I promise you, you will be happy you did.

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