The Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series: Our Review

American history has come to life for our family with the Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh.

My son “The Puzzler” saw a copy of Rush Revere and the Presidency when we were out shopping, and asked me to buy it for him. I wanted to wait though, and find out if this would be the book we might have a chance to review for the crew. Little did we know that first, we would be chosen for this review, and second, that we would receive ALL FIVE books in the series! 🙂

They came in this box, wrapped so beautifully in the lovely, specially designed ribbon, it was almost a shame to undo it!


THIS was the look on “The Puzzler’s” face when the books came out of the box. He was SO happy!


I’m here to tell you, these are beautiful, well made, hardcover books, complete with a glossy slip cover. The pages are beautifully aged looking, and there are such good illustrations.

Beginning with Book 1, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, we meet a supposedly “ordinary” substitute history teacher. He will become a tour guide for some of his students, across time! He and his students go on his talking horse named Liberty, through a time portal.

In this first book, Rush, Liberty and students Freedom and Tommy go back in time, beginning in Holland, going on the Mayflower, and getting to Plymouth! They get to meet some of the well-known people of the time, and learn what Rush has told his class is important when learning about history . . .”Where, what, who and why.” They get to even witness the first Thanksgiving, and build on a fort!

Here is “The Puzzler” in one of his favorite reading spots:


In book 2,  Rush Revere and the First Patriots, a third student named Cam joins the time travelling group. In this one, they go to England to speak to King George and attempt to convince him to stop making life so hard for the colonists. Since he won’t listen to them, they end up going back in time to join the Boston Tea Party!

In book 3, Rush Revere and the American Revolution, Cam is a big focus. His father is deployed, and he lives on a military base. He is having problems, among them the fact that he is being bullied.

Rush and Liberty take Cam, Freedom and Tommy to meet people from the American history. People such as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Hancock , John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and more! They observe the Battle of Concord and learn about things like the Declaration of Independence. They learn a lot about strategy, which then is very helpful to Cam once they return.

Book 4, Rush Revere and the Star Spangled Banner focuses on Tommy, who has an ill grandfather. This time, the travelling crew goes to Washington DC, visiting National monuments such as White House and the Washington Monument.  In the past, they get to see the writing of the Star Spangled Banner, see a patriotic American symbol saved, and they must at the same time avoid the Redcoats, museum guards, and even a surprise visitor.

Book 5, Rush Revere and the Presidency, is the one “The Puzzler” wanted SO bad! He loves reading about Presidents, any and all of them!

In this book, Cam has decided to run for Student Body President, so the travelers go back in time to learn about how to be a good president. They visit early presidents and first ladies, and learn that being president is not about fame and glory, it is about serving one’s country.

You can also check out the Rush Revere Library, the education depot! section of the web site, where you will find a homeschool section, a general education section, and much much more! Here you will find things like activity sheets, study guides, etc.

“The Puzzler” is very anxious to get going with Rush Revere and the Presidency, and we are ever grateful to have been blessed with this review of Adventures of Rush Revere Book Series from Adventures of Rush Revere #1 New York Times Bestselling Book Series by Rush and Kathryn Adams Limbaugh.

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