So, We Are Working On Limits For Video Games . . .

This has NOT been well received, not at all. We are limiting the boys to one hour per day. Below, you will see “The Artist” and “Mr. Loquacious”. Now, “The Artist” is playing his hour. “The Batman will do so later, right now, he’s taking his therapy dog for a walk, and “The Puzzler” went with him.”the Puzzler had his tablet taken from him a while ago for doing some things he knew he shouldn’t, and “Mr Loquacious,” while at Youth Conference with teens from church made a commitment to give up video games and music we don’t approve of, so he is using his tablet as a Bible just now.


Those who are limited on their games aren’t exactly thrilled, I keep hearing about how “ALL of our friends get to play video games all day, whenever they want!” My response? “I am not raising those kids, I am raising you.” I think my mom and dad are coming out of my mouth the older my kids get, LOL!

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  1. Limiting a teen’s video screen time to 1 hour a day, is not for the faint of heart! I admire you!

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