I Can Study Acts Alone With God: KJV, My Review


So, there is this really neat company out there called Greek ‘n’ Stuff.

I have never tried to review anything from them until now. Why now, you ask? Because I found out the “stuff” includes Bible studies! I was blessed to receive for the purpose of this review, a copy of  I Can Study Acts Alone With God (52 week study) KJV. This is a Bible Study by Karen Mohs, and is available in both the King James Version and the New International Version. As you all know by now, I will use only the King James Version. This is what my family uses and my church uses, by conviction.

I actually asked for this study in order to be the student myself, thinking that this would get me back into the habit of reading and studying my Bible

so here is all I really need to do this study (and a pen!)



This is a very nicely made spiral bound 8 1/2 x 11 book, with sturdy, glossy finished covers.

Something I truly enjoy about this study is that it is not made into a complicated form of study. Yes, I am an adult, but I am not a “Bible Scholar.” Making it easy to understand and follow is a good thing, whether for a child or an adult.

Another thing I like is that in order to do the actual study, I must get out my own Bible and read the references given. I much prefer this to having a study where everything is already in it, and you never even have to open your own Bible!

This study is laid out to be done in 52 weeks, with each lesson taking one week.The sections of each lesson are very short, taking place on Monday through Saturday. I especially like that, because Sunday is pretty much filled for us.

Each day, I am given the following tasks:

  • Pray & ask God to help as I study
  • Read or recite the memory verse for that week
  • Answer 2 or 3 questions

There are also little sidebar sections which give questions and explanations pertaining to the subject at hand. In these, I might find additional questions, something historical, or even something to ponder about the “why” when it came to those involved.

At the end of the lesson for each week, there is a “think and pray about it” box. Here, we are asked to look at how the things we are learning can be made to apply to our present day lives.

It has been easier for me to study my Bible this way. I can do i in little chunks of time, which helps in my personal life.

At the cost of just $23.95, I can highly recommend this product. For that price, you are getting a full year of study for you or your student!

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  1. I love you taking time for yourself to learn and grow in God’s Word.

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