Please! Vote In Your Local Elections Always!

Gregg  Hull, our Mayor and First Lady Carrie Hull are among the most giving and caring people I know. He ran for his first time on giving us “Full Time” leadership, and boy, has he ever delivered! He has done so much for our city during this, his first term, working nearly non-stop. He and his wife Carrie are among the most kind, decent people I have ever known. They even took time out of their (very) busy schedule to come visit my son in the emergency room after evening church service, during one of the times that my son was headed from the ER straight to a mental health facility. I will forever be grateful for that.


The biggest reason I am writing this though, is because I feel a need to encourage you, whatever your political affiliation, to please, please vote in your local elections. They usually have the smallest voter turnout, and you may not realize how important they are. Everything begins at home, with the cities, first. It’s your cities which make the difference first. You don’t live in Washington DC. You don’t have the access to the President or the legislature that you think you might. But, you DO have access to your City Council and your Mayor, if you have a good one. I know that the people in my city have access to their Mayor, and that he listens, and gets things done. I have seen so much improvement here just during this first term, and I intend to vote for him for his second term. I just wish we had already moved here early enough to do so in his first campaign!

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