Progeny Press E-Guides: My Review

In our family, we have enjoyed using Progeny Press E-Guides before, having reviewed one three years ago.

This time, we were given the newest E-Guide The Silver Chair E-Guide which goes with the book The Silver Chair, book 6 in the much beloved Narnia series! This E-Guide was written by Carol Clark, and is as fun and easy to use as any of their other E-Guides!

The author of this Progeny Press E-Guide for the book The Silver Chair received her B.A. in English education, and then her M.Ed. in elementary education, at the University of Toledo. She coordinates children’s ministries in her church, as well as participating in outreach ministries in Toledo, through her local church.

We love these books so much that to do this study, we actually already owned the same boxed paperback set that I bought for myself, I don’t even know how many years ago! 🙂

As you can see by the picture above, this E-Guide is interactive. Your student can simply type his or her answers in and save them, or, you can also print out the pages as you need them.

One of my favorite things about Progeny Press is that it is a faith-based company. I never have to worry about what my children will be learning, yet if there ever is anything which varies somewhat from our doctrine, we can use that as well, as a teaching opportunity.

I really enjoy being given the  E-Guide for The Silver Chair as opposed to a physical copy. With four children, I have gradually learned the value of a downloaded curriculum!

In the 61 pages of this E-Guide, we found a brief biography of the author, some of which I wrote about above. Then you will find the table of contents, some notes for the teacher, and a short synopsis of the story. After this, there is also a short biography of C.S. Lewis, the author of The Narnia Series, including the Silver Chair.

It is recommended that the student/students complete reading the book before doing the study. Well we have read the books, so we went chapter by chapter. Each chapter we would choose a pre-reading activity, We would then read the chapter (or multiple chapters if called for) and go over the vocabulary section together.

Following this are what I feel are god comprehension questions, which helped me to know how well my kids were understanding and retaining what we were reading.

There is also a “Thinking About The Story”, where there are questions to help the children understand the why’s and wherefores of what is going on.

In the “Dig Deeper” sections, we are shown how so much of the story points to Biblical things, and here we find Bible verses to go along with the thinking deeper.

At the ed of the E-Guide are a number of suggested “after reading” activities that your child may b interested, and a resource section where you find a number of additional resources.

Along with this E-Guide, I received an answer key for The Silver Chair
E-Guide. We have really enjoyed working with this!

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