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Progeny Press Study Guide For Animal Farm {Review}

(Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.)

Progeny Press makes earning High School Literature credits easy with high school level study guides such as Animal Farm  Study Guide.

We received the Animal Farm Study Guide from Progeny Press for the purpose of this review, and I’m glad we did! This is a book I had never read, and after reading about it, given today’s political climate I was very interested in doing so.

animal farm e guide

Written by Michael S. Gilleland, This study guide takes us through the book Animal Farm quite well. It is really comprehensive! Within this study guide you will find the following:

  • About the Study Guide Author
  • Table of Contents
  • A Note to the Instructor
  • Synopses of the book Animal Farm
  • About George Orwell, author of the book Animal Farm
  • Background information
  • Optional Pre-reading activities
  • The Chapter Sections, within which you will find:
  • Vocabulary activities: using a Thesaurus to choose synonyms and/or antonyms, using a dictionary to look up and define words, defining words based upon context, matching words and definitions, etc.
  •  Analogous Characters and Events, wherein we learned to figure out who, what , when and where the characters and places represented.
  • General Questions, which are, or should be, easily answered. They will give you an idea of how the student is retaining information.
  • Analysis  in which the student is given more open ended questions.
  • Dig Deeper questions are going to give the student the oportunity to think more critically about the feelings and behaviors of the various characters. In this section, you’ll also find scripture passages which the student will use to possibly see how there are things which apply to his or her own life.
  • Optional Projects and Activties
  • Optional Essays and Projects
  • List of Additional Resources

There is an answer key in a separate download that you can use.

We chose to use the study guide orally, which works so much better here. My kids sometimes get a bit balky at having to do a lot of writing, but doing it orally allows for them to go further with their answers. They are more likely to pay attention, and to really think about what is being asked. They are more apt to go further in detail when discussing. They even connected how the author’s view of what was happening when he wrote this novel, seems to be happening right now, but in the United States of America. I would whole heartedly recommend both this study guide AND the book, which I purchased from Progeny Press.

My family has reviewed other Progeny Press Study Guides over the years, and you can see those revews here.

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Progeny Press Study Guide (Little House On The Prairie) {Review}

 I really like using a good unit study to go along with good books, and Progeny Press has a good number of them! We have been working through the Little House on the Prairie Study Guide.


This is not our first study guide from Progeny Press. We have done a few others, which you can read about here.

My son chose the study guide he wanted to do. He has always really liked the television show “Little House on the Prairie,” and has been surprised at how different the book is from it, although I personally thought that the pilot episode came fairly close to this book!

“The Puzzler” has been slowly working his way through this one. I say slowly because he has real comprehension problems, and other learning delays. In the past when we have used study guides, we have mostly done them orally with all of the boys. This time, I thought we’d try having “Mr. Puzzler” use the interactive PDF, and type in his own answers.

This has actually been working fairly well! He doesn’t like to do a whole lot of hand writing, and he is very picky about how it looks, so usually it just takes forever with erasing and rewriting. Typing in the answers allows for him to more easily correct his errors (although I did just realize that he spelled griping with two p’s) This also has allowed him to work mostly on his own, which he’s been enjoying.

This study guide suggests reading the entire book and then doing each section of the guide, but since each section covers about five chapters which is an easier bite for “The. Puzzler,” he has been reading the book one section at a time and then answering the questions for that section. Admittedly, this is taking a good bit longer that suggested by Progeny Press, but the beauty of homeschooling is that we don’t HAVE to stay on schedule, we are able to work at the pace my kids can handle, and thus retain what is learned.

There are a variety of activities the student can do throughout this guide. One that I was able to catch in pictures was making Molasses Milk, which we’d never heard of.


Pretty much all of them said it was definitely not something they’d ever ask for again!

This study guide covers a lot of things, not just language arts. We have looked at history, geography, social studies, Bible, etc. I specifically mention Bible because I so appreciate the Mission Statement of Progeny Press:

“To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it!”

The Little House on the Prairie Study Guide uses the following as the format:

  • Vocabulary – he has been exploring synonyms, similes and personification.
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Think about the story
  • Dig Deeper – Thinking about the situations in the story with a Biblical perspective, with verses to look up and ponder.
  • Class Debate – We use as discussion questions.
  • Optional Activities

Having the option of doing the study guide orally, print the guide out and write the answers in, or use the interactive function and type the answers in has allowed more flexibility for us as my kids have moved from one to the next with the different guides we’ve used. Progeny Press is a wonderful choice for our family, and maybe it will be for you, as well! You may check out the sample here.

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Progeny Press: Review of “The Green Book e-guide”

We have once again been blessed to be given by Progeny Press a copy of The Green Book – eGuide  for the purpose of this review.

I really enjoyed The Green Book! We do enjoy science fiction, and although this is meant to be a children’s book, adults will also enjoy it as well. The story focuses on Pattie, as her family and friends are the last group of people who escape a dying Earth, and then land on their new home. After a four-year trip, they make their new home on the distant planet, Shine.  They discover that they are in serious trouble. Pattie and her sister decide to take a dangerous chance that just may save them all.

Pattie records the journey and their new life in her little green book, and so we see from her eyes what is happening to them all.

The Green Book – eGuide is much like the other study guides we have reviewed from Progeny Press, and you can read those reviews here. They are written with a Christian perspective, and yes, it directs the student to the Bible. The e-guide does use the New International Version of the Bible, but as my readers surely know by now, my family uses only the King James Version. So we simply went to our own Bibles when directed to go to sections of scripture.

This e-guide was very easy to simply download and go. All we really needed to provide was a copy of the novel “The Green Book,” and away we could go!

This e-guide will have your student (and yourself!” learning:

  • Author Biography
  • Before-You-Read Activities:Read other pioneering books, travel plans, memory photos, make a journal.
  • Vocabulary words used throughout the novel, using a variety of activities to help retention and growth.
  • Literary Techniques: In-context, similes, idioms, metaphor, mood, synonyms, imagery, along with a number of other techniques.
  • Moral Lessons and Character Values: making plans, work, rules, personal value, do not worry, trust in God, God’s providence, courage, hospitality, suicide and murder, despair vs. hope, working with friends
  • Activities and Writing Assignments include things such as: planning forum, computer research, gravity, science and wind, rain cycle, jellyfish, oil lamps, marine aquariums, science video recommendations, fairy tales, boredom ideas, tree candy, hopscotch, cooking grain, pancakes, Venn diagramming and much more!
  • Suggestions for Further Reading: An in-depth reading list is included of more plays by the same author(s) and other books that tie in with, or are similar to, The Green Book.

As I said above, the instant download is something I appreciate. There was a time when I actively avoided downloadable curricula, but I have come to see the many benefits of it. I have four kids, at different levels of ability. Downloaded materials allows me to re-use them at different times, when each child is ready, and also allows me to use something with all four at the same time if they are capable. Without having to purchase new consumables, my friends! And The Green Book – eGuide  is interactive! The student can either have the pages printed out to work on, or they can type answers right into the interactive pdf file, and save their work! I like this feature, it’s great for the student who has trouble with handwriting, or simply doesn’t like to write for very long.

Every experience we have had thus far with Progeny Press had been a very positive one!

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Progeny Press E-Guides: My Review

In our family, we have enjoyed using Progeny Press E-Guides before, having reviewed one three years ago.

This time, we were given the newest E-Guide The Silver Chair E-Guide which goes with the book The Silver Chair, book 6 in the much beloved Narnia series! This E-Guide was written by Carol Clark, and is as fun and easy to use as any of their other E-Guides!

The author of this Progeny Press E-Guide for the book The Silver Chair received her B.A. in English education, and then her M.Ed. in elementary education, at the University of Toledo. She coordinates children’s ministries in her church, as well as participating in outreach ministries in Toledo, through her local church.

We love these books so much that to do this study, we actually already owned the same boxed paperback set that I bought for myself, I don’t even know how many years ago! 🙂

As you can see by the picture above, this E-Guide is interactive. Your student can simply type his or her answers in and save them, or, you can also print out the pages as you need them.

One of my favorite things about Progeny Press is that it is a faith-based company. I never have to worry about what my children will be learning, yet if there ever is anything which varies somewhat from our doctrine, we can use that as well, as a teaching opportunity.

I really enjoy being given the  E-Guide for The Silver Chair as opposed to a physical copy. With four children, I have gradually learned the value of a downloaded curriculum!

In the 61 pages of this E-Guide, we found a brief biography of the author, some of which I wrote about above. Then you will find the table of contents, some notes for the teacher, and a short synopsis of the story. After this, there is also a short biography of C.S. Lewis, the author of The Narnia Series, including the Silver Chair.

It is recommended that the student/students complete reading the book before doing the study. Well we have read the books, so we went chapter by chapter. Each chapter we would choose a pre-reading activity, We would then read the chapter (or multiple chapters if called for) and go over the vocabulary section together.

Following this are what I feel are god comprehension questions, which helped me to know how well my kids were understanding and retaining what we were reading.

There is also a “Thinking About The Story”, where there are questions to help the children understand the why’s and wherefores of what is going on.

In the “Dig Deeper” sections, we are shown how so much of the story points to Biblical things, and here we find Bible verses to go along with the thinking deeper.

At the ed of the E-Guide are a number of suggested “after reading” activities that your child may b interested, and a resource section where you find a number of additional resources.

Along with this E-Guide, I received an answer key for The Silver Chair
E-Guide. We have really enjoyed working with this!

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Progeny Press . . . A T. O. S. Review

My children and I have been given the fun opportunity to review a study guide from Progeny Press, our first time ever! 🙂

Progeny Press Review

Progeny Press gives us the chance to study works of literature from a Christian perspective, which I do appreciate. Their guides do use the NIV translation of the Bible, but in the “Note To Instructor” section of the Study Guide, it is clearly stated that the study can be used with any version of the Bible. My family prefers (and always uses) the King James Version.

Because we already owned the book and had been needing a push to get it read, I chose the Study Guide for “The Courage Of Sarah Noble“, which is currently available for the cost of $11.99. This is a downloadable product, so there are no shipping costs, plus, you have the advantage of using it for more than just one child if you like.

The Courage Of Sarah Noble, The E-Guide is suggested for lower elementary (grades K through 3), and my kids are older than that, but we quite enjoyed it anyway. My guys are special needs, two of them still struggle with reading, and the others with thinking skills, so it was a good fit. I would definitely put the reading level of the book at the upper level of the suggested range, but that could just be because “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler” still struggle somewhat when it comes to reading, and “Mr. Loquacious” dislikes reading altogether! We did think it was a pretty good book, which is based on a true story, something that all of my boys thought was really “cool, mom!”

The book “The Courage Of Sarah Noble” is about an eight year old girl in the year 1707, who goes to cook and clean for her father when he builds their family a home in the wilderness of Connecticut. During her time there, she learns the meaning of trust and friendship as she gets to know the Indians living nearby, and stays with them when her father goes back to get the rest of the family.

The pdf Study Guide is 39 pages long, and if you have reluctant children when it comes to handwriting (or are not proficient with it), the guide is set up so that they may type in the answers, and then print out the pages to keep in a notebook, portfolio, or any type of records you like to keep.

Within the study guide, there are “Before You Read” activities, such as defining a word, looking up a place on a map, or speculating on the “why” of something you will be reading about.

There are “As You Read”
Activities, such as making a list of how many times Sarah reminds herself to “keep up her courage”, and holds her red cloak. We are asked why she holds it, and what it reminds her of.

As we read the book, the study guide broke it up into two chapters per session, with pages for vocabulary, questions, and Bible passages having to do with something in those two chapters.

Question and answer portions we generally do orally, because we like to do unit studies together, and because it makes it easier for all to participate, no matter what their writing or thinking proficiency happens to be.

Finally, there are “Activities, Arts and Crafts” which relate to the book, and which your kids may find to be lots of fun. There is a crossword puzzle, a game that Sarah played with the Indian children, instructions for an art project to create a picture of Sarah and her father, a craft project in which the child can build a pretzel log cabin, and a recipe to make corn meal biscuits.

Finally, our study guide gave us a list of suggestions for further reading, plus an answer key for all of the questions in the study guide.

The Courage Of Sarah Noble, The E-Guide from Progeny Press is very thorough, and we really liked it. I particularly like that it is from a Christian perspective, and that we are not locked into a specific Bible version. It was definitely “tweak-able” for my special needs family, and also for my “King James Version only” family. I also appreciate that as far as I can see from looking at the various titles available, if you do not already own the book you are interested in studying, you will most likely find it at your local library, which definitely saves on the cost! 🙂

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