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Today, it’s all about History Channel, wall to wall. Each year “The Puzzler” asks if we can do this. He was only 4 months old on this day in 2011, and we wouldn’t even know him and “Mr. Loquacious” for another almost 8 years. I learn more things each year while watching these programs. I saw none of what happened when it did, with the exception of the first two planes when they hit the World Trade Center towers.

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September 11, 2001:
I was in Shipshewana, IN with a group of ladies from church. It happened just as we turned on the TV to check the weather before checking out of our B & B to go to the flea market before coming home. We prayed, I remember calling my husband to tell him to turn on network TV, as I knew the TV would be on a cable kid’s channel for My then little boy’s shows he liked. I remember the sick feeling when I did, in fact, within an hour, see gas stations raising their prices up well over $6.00 per gallon, I remember the eerie feeling driving through Flint, MI, past Bishop Airport and not seeing or hearing any planes in the air. I remember getting home to Port Huron MI, and finding out the border with Sarnia was closed. What a sad and horrible day… I do remember one bright spot, all that day in Shipshewana, I witnessed complete strangers letting others use their cell phones to connect with loved ones. It was a hopeful sight…
So, it falls to us as parents to ensure that our children learn history as it actually happened. Even though none of mine were old enough to understand it as it happened, year by year, they learn more while watching these programming hours. So do I.
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Never forget. Never, ever, ever forget!
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  1. Martha DeMeo

    A day we will never forget. 😦

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