Freezer Prepping Right Before Stay at Home Order

So you all know that about once a month we do a menu plan for the freezer to save money and make things easier, right? Well, we managed to get one in right befor our governor gave a stay at home order. I will say that it took several days to get the meat we needed, and then “The Batman” and I went to Smith’s for the “reserved for seniors and disabled” hour to attempt to get the other ingredients for the recipes. We waited in line outside of the store for 45 minutes. I ended up needing to substitue a lot of ingredients, but I did get 16 meals into the freezer. I hope the substitutions work!


I finally thought of going to our local meat marked (duh!), and they were limiting to 5 pounds of each thing you wanted to buy. This is my purchase:


I’ve never bought a bag of bacon before! Here are the meals, right before going into the fridge!


So far, we’ve had one of the Sloppy Dog meals, one of the Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork, and one meal left over from a previous session, Ginger Peach Pork Chops! I do 8 servings, and almost always get two suppers out of them for my family.

I’m glad we were able to get this done before the stay at home order, and that we were able to find what we needed in the midst of all the panicked shoppers.

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