Homemade Apple Butter!

So, my regular readers know that I (with a lot of help from “The Artist,) put up meals in the freezer, raw and ready to cook. That will be another post this coming week. This time though, we needed Apple Butter for one of the recipes. We haven’t been able to get it in our preferred grocery store lately, so I went hunting via Google for an Apple Butter Instant Pot recipe. And I found one, very quickly!

Here is “The Artist coring the apples, then cutting them into quarters . . .

Here are all of the ingredients in the Instant Pot . . .

And the finished Apple Butter, still in the Instant Pot . . .

We used a good deal of it for the recipe we would make in the freezer menu plan, and had this to put in our fridge for later!

It took a bit over 40 minutes total, and for FAR less cost, to make our own fresh, no preservatives, Apple Butter!

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3 responses to “Homemade Apple Butter!

  1. Jessica Hawley

    I love apple butter and my Instant Pot! I will definitely have to try this!

  2. I’ve never had apple butter. I think I will need to try this. Thank you for sharing 😀

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