Five Minute Friday Word Prompt {Enable}

And, five minute timer start:

Enable can be good, or it can be bad. I can do my best to enable my kids to learn, to live a life within God’s will, or I can enable them by bailing them out everytime they break God’s (and man’s) law. I’ve thus far managed to help 2 of them stay on the straight and narrow, but sadly. two others have chosen to live outside of both God’s and man’s law no matter how hard we tried, and we can no longer do anything but pray, which we do every single day. It’s hard, to feel that you’ve lost two children and are having to grieve them while they are still alive. It puts a hole in my heart for each of them. I long for them to turn to God, to repent, to totally give themselves to Him.

And, stop timer.


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2 responses to “Five Minute Friday Word Prompt {Enable}

  1. Sandra K Stein

    Standing in agreement with you in prayer for your two lost sheep.
    Your FMF neighbor #48

  2. Grief runs deep in the hearts of parents whose children stray from the Truth or who never come to faith in Christ. My mother-in-love had a list of 21 family members she prayed for every single day. Every. single. day. I know her heart grieved over some of her children and grandchildren. Some of her prayers were not answered until after she moved to heaven, but I think she would certainly be happy to see how some of her 21 have come to faith in Christ and are serving Him. I join you iright now n prayer for your two who have strayed, asking God to draw them in His way and in His time.

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