Freezer Prep for March!

This is what we made for March . . .

Because we had Apple Butter Glazed Chicken on the list, we began with making our own Apple Butter in the Instant Pot.

This is the meal that called for Apple Butter , , ,

Here is the end result of our hard work, 5 hours later . . .

We ended up with the meals on the list, plus an extra Apricot Meatball meal, 2 extra Teryaki Salmon, 2 packs of pork chops with Vidalia Onion marinade, 2 with French dressing marinade, 1 pack of chicken with Vidalia onion marinade, and one with French dressing, for a total of 29 meals all together in the freezer. I’d say that’s a good day’s work, wouldn’t you?

I created my menu using My Free Easy. Go here using my affiliate link, and you can actually try a menu for free! if you like it, then please go back to the same link to join.


As always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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