Pursued To Eternity by John Riley {Review}

In Pursued to Eternity, John Riley took this reader on an exciting adventure while sharing scientific evidence for creation. I was given the blessing of reading this book from Covenant Books in order to review it for my readers!

This is a very nice trade sized soft cover book. At approximately 150 pages it is a fairly quick read, but packed with enough story and information to keep my interest. Did I say story? Yes, I did! As noted in the introduction we find the following:

 “This is a short novel with fictional events, such as hunting for dinosaurs, living during the Exodus, managing school conflicts, searching for oil. Also blended into the book are nonfictional challenges to evolution and an extensive survey of apologetics.” 

Here is a short video for you to check out:

While it is a novel about the six month journey of two brothers, Connor Bridges a Christian who is a Biology teacher and Doctor Alan Bridges who is a geologist who is an Atheist, it is filled with scientific proofs supporting Creation as opposed to Evolution.

My very favorite chapter is called “Please Don’t Indoctrinate Us!, in which some students went for pizza with their teacher Connor Bridges’ family to celebrate a game victory. They asked him some questions about a test from earlier in the week:

“Given a box of jigsaw-puzzle pieces of the fifty states, you are asked to select each piece from the box in alphabetical order . . . blindfolded. How many incorrect selections are probable before one correct selection, with all the pieces in proper order, is made?”

Once their teacher did the math for them, they discovered the answer would be equal to 3 followed by sixty-four zeroes.

After a student asked the obvious question which was “What does this have to do with Biology?” his teacher responded that it has to do with the theory of Evolution, in which all natural progression comes from undirected mutations, most of which are not beneficial. The idea is that a few of the mutations result in new, well-ordered designs, then natural selection would preserve for the future. He asked the students to come up with mutations as an attempt to put parts into a correct order, similar to the puzzle pieces activity. There would be far more unuseful mutations than an extremely limited number of useful ones.

The students had already been reading things at home which seriously questioned Evolution, and wondered if there was a way of presenting the information from their own sources in class as a balance to the theory of Evolution in the text books. The students developed a web-site on their own with all research done after school and at home, with voluntary participation, no grades or school credit. Students from other schools discovered the site, asked their teachers about discussing the material, and reminded that only the biology textbook could be taught in the classroom.Other schools found out, and it just spread! While this whole thing ultimately cost Connor Bridges his job, before that happened he touched so many lives, and he very likely considered it a worthwhile sacrifice.

John Riley is also has designed the course Apologetics: Creative vs. Evolution, for for SchoolhouseTeachers.com. It is a a 14-week, video-based course for grades 7 to 12. Like his book, the course demonstrates evidence and proof for Creationism and allows the students to examine the evidence and come to their own conclusions.

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