Project Passport: Ancient Greece {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

With products like Ancient Greece from the Project Passport Studies, Home School in the Woods makes it easy (and fun!) to add hands-on history to our studies.

“The Artist” has been working through the Project Passport: Ancient Greece fromHome School in the Woods for a few weeks now, and it has been coming along very nicely!

This is the first time we have done a Project Passport Study, and it was different than the HSITW studies we’ve previously reviewed here. The Project Passport studies are set up as travelling stops, with different projects to do showing what we did. During the first stop, The Artist” made a suitcase folder and passport.

The directions are to save the passport for use in each Project Passport study you do in the future. At the end of his study, “The Artist” will make a passport “stamp” to adhere to his passport! He was also to begin his “Scrapbook of Sights,” which is placed into a three ring binder.

“The Artist” has completed seven stops on the travel itinery now, and has been learning a lot about ancient Greece! Here are some of the things which have so far been added to his scrapbook of sights . . .

He has also been creating booklets and things which will be added to either the suitcase folder or the Lapbook . . .

One of the lapbook projects is a dining guide, seen below . . .

Sometime over the next few weeks, we would really like to purchase the ingredients for and make some of these recipes for our family.

There are also recordings to listen to during several stops, such as Audio Tour: “A Visit to Sparta,” which was in stop 6. This is a nice added touch, making it like a real stop on an itinery!

There are 25 “stops” on this trip to Ancient Greece, so we have yet to finish. This is a LONG vacation, where “The artist” is spending one week at each stop. If I took a real trip to a country I wanted to truly learn about, it would be wonderful to have it last long enough to spend a week at each stop!

Here is something I like a lot:

  • Home School in the Woods has gone entirely digital download. This means no more waiting for the snail mail to bring your product, and being digital, you can use it for all of your children when they are ready for each project!
  • All of the individual timeline sets that once ONLY came in printed format have recently been developed in download on the HSITW website. Having done that, they’ve enlarged the sets to include the figures in various formats making them more usable in more of ways.

Some of our review families have been using Individual Timeline sets, such as Timeline Set: America’s History (Explorers to 21st Century).

A good number of other families have been working through different studies from Home School in the Woods. I would love for you to go and read about what they have been doing, and what they think. Please, check them out here!


As always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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