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Home School in the Woods: Knights {Review}

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.With products like The Knights K-2 Lap-Pak  from Home School In The Woods,  it becomes so easy to add Hands on History to our studies.


Home School in the Woods is a family owned and operated company, born out of Amy Pak’s time as a home schooling mom. Here is some of their own history.

My son enjoys the materials from Hands on Home Schooling, as you can see from the other reviews we have done on projects from this company here.

These studies are very versatile. You can put them into a lap Book made out of file folders, which we have done, but you could also put them into a binder, which “The Artist” chose to do this time.


We received a zip file, and once opened, found the pdf files with the directions and all of the project masters. The first thing I always do with these products is to print out the project directions and the lap book assembly page. This way, I don’t have to go back and forth to find out which projects are to be printed out on white or colored paper or card stock, and how to put them together. The assembly directions show how they should be placed in your lap book.

There is a story which can be printed out in booklet form or full page, if you wish to put it in a notebook, which is what we did. Along with the printed out story, there is an audio file so you can just listen to the story, of read along while listening, which is what my boys did.

While the Knights (K-2)  pak is marked as being k-2, it really works for any age. I actually feel that children at the K-2 level would probably need an awful lot of help with the cutting and assembly.  “The Artist” chose it because he’s done a number of the other paks in the past, and he is interested in that period of history.

He enjoys the crafty aspect of the projects, and getting to use stuff from my paper crafting stash to do them.

“The Batman” did the coloring here. With his disabilities, he has very poor fine motor control, but he wanted to be included so “The Artist” did the cutting and assembly while “The Batman” did some of the coloring. He stopped when it got more detailed because it hurt his fingers and hands.

Here is the first project. This is assembled in such a way as to be able to lift the flaps to get to the information.


Here, you can see someone being knighted with a moveable sword, a castle with a drawbridge which lowers, and a pop up scene under the castle.

Next, we have another interactive project. As you can see, the knight’s helmet moves to show you information about what a knight is.

Here we see information about the weapons a knight would use.


More information about knights:


And here in this collection of projects, the student is instructed to design their own family crest.


The blue background with the mitten and the fish (pike) is because we are originally from Michigan. The blue green and electric blue are our favorite colors, and the red is for the blood of Christ as our foundation, with a cross and the shed blood.

The other projects on this page are, as you can see, about the crusaders and famous knights.

Home School In The Woods has so many great projects! One that would be really good right now while we are in an election year, is the U.S. Elections Lap-Pak.

Amy Pak has a very good blog post about teaching with Lapbooks that is a must read!

As you can see, this is a wonderful hands on tool for learning history. We have enjoyed many of the lap paks from Home School in the Woods!

Please click on the banner below, and check out what 79 other families think about this and many other Lap Pak choices.

Home School in the Woods Collections - Lap-pak, Timeline Figures, History Studies & Activity-Pak {Home School in the Woods Reviews}As always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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Home School In The Woods Time Travelers U.S. History Studies WW ll {Review}

With products like World War II from the Time Travelers U.S. History Studies, Home School in the Woods makes it easy to add hands on history to our studies.


Time Travelers have generally about 25 lessons, which are generally meant to be about a week long. As always, we choose to spread them out longer because there are some special needs issuse involved, making it easier to be sure my boys are actually learning as opposed to just rushing to get it done.

Here is a short video for you to watch about the studies:

This study covers more than a decade of major events which changed the world forever, such as the rise of Adolph Hitler and his NAZIs, and the occupations of Gemany, Italy and Japan. We also have been learning about different battles and conflicts, about the Holocaust and what the Americans did “on the home front,” from victory gardens to rationing and much more!

While the first Home School In The Woods product we reviewed was confusing for me at first, once I learned how to navigate between the downloaded files I got it down, so each subsequent study has been easy to get ready for my kids!

It is fairly simple to use the files once they are downloaded. This is what I see when I click on the pdf’s, which is what I prefer to use throughout:

  • Covers
  • Lesson – Masters
  • Lesson – Projects
  • Lesson – Text
  • Teacher – Keys

While there is a lesson plan which you can print out:


We chose to do things in our own order, beginning with the timeline and some of the lapbook projects. This timeline runs eleven sheets of card stock. It begins with The Treaty of Versailles and the creation of the National Socialist German Workers Party {NAZI}, and continues all the way through the Berlin Airlift which went from June 24, 1948 until May 12, 1949. The timeline goes into the notebook, which is pictures at the top of this review.


I like to print out the Lesson – Projects pdf one lesson at a time to give to my son, along with the Master for that lesson. He can then follow along with the project page for the instructions on what to do, and he has the master to use for the work itself.

One of the project pages:


Here, he is working on a penmanship page before crossing it off the instruction page as completed.


The whole thing is so easy once you figure out your personal favorite way to use this, and get started with your kids! Here, you can see a whole bunch of what “The Artist” has been doing!

The BEST thing about this was that when “The Artist” was working on the timeline, he started to ask his Dad questions about the events he was putting into it. After asking me if it was OK to answer, he began giving “The Artist” even more information about the different things he was learning about, which helps his dad to be involved with him in his learning.

There are numerous blog posts on the Home School In The Woods site like this one.

This study is just as much fun, and as interesting as all of the other ones from Home School In The Woods that we have worked with. You can see what we thought of them by going here!

Including me, there are 70 Crew Review members who have been working through various digital products from Home School In The Woods, such as:

Plese go and read their thoughts by clicking on the banner just below!

World History (Project Passport), U.S. History Studies (Time Travelers) and Timeline Collection: A Collection of Historical Timeline Figures  {Home School in the Woods Reviews}Crew-DisclaimerAs always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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Make-A-State Activity-Pak From Home School In The Woods {Review}

Adding in the Make-A-State Lap Book from Home School in the Woods‘sHands-on History Activity-Paks series has been the perfect hands-on addition for our studies. We have reviewed other products from Home School In The Woods, and you can read those reviews here.

We have been wanting to learn about all of the states we touched on during our big move from Michigan to New Mexico, so we chose to begin with Michigan, since we were all born and raised there.


We like the Hands-on History Activity-Paks because while they are Lap Books, they are not HUGE Lap Books. This works for us because we deal with short attention spans around here.

The Make-A-State Activity-Paks come in more than just the Make-A-State Lap Book. Also available in this category are:

  • Artists
  • Composers
  • The Old Testament
  • The New Testament

Each Activity-Pak is available for download at the price of just $18.95. This is an excellent price, as it gives you the opportunity to print as many copies as you need for your children, to re-use it when younger children are ready, and in my case, to re-print pages that got messed up for whatever reason

Before “The Artist” began the Michigan Make-A-State Activity-Pak, I got out the file folder (only one!) he would need. I then printed out the pages showing the placement of everything in the Lap Book. Then, I printed out the pages which told, in order and with small pictures, which activities to do and in what order. I used THAT to tell me which pages to print out for him. I also let him into my paper crafting stash to choose what color card stock he wanted to use for the two inside pages of his Lap Book.

Once everything was printed and contained in the folder, I had “The Artist” begin doing the projects.

Having never been really successful with using glue sticks on Lap Books, one of the supplies we keep on hand is double-sided tape. Other supplies you may want to have on hand (and probably already do, if you are a home schooling family) are colored pencils, crayons, scissors, regular pencils, printer paper and card stock.

This Activity-Pak has 20 activities to create for your Lap Book:

  • Key State Facts
  • Origin Of State Name
  • State Motto
  • State Symbols
  • State Song
  • State Industry / Agriculture / Climate
  • State Wildlife
  • Regions
  • State Geography
  • State Government
  • State Seal & Flag
  • State History

And more!There also some bonus pages:

  • State Pages to help with some information for your chosen state (though it will still be necessary to research information which is not included)
  • A Name That State file folder game to print out, assemble and play.

Even though all the people in our immediate family were born and raised in Michigan, there ended up being things we either did not remember, or just didn’t know. I just asked “The Artist” about that and he says that he only knew (without looking it up) one famous person from Michigan, didn’t know much in the Industry / Agriculture / Climate section, or what the state seal looks like. So, even if you elect to study the state you live in, you might be surprised at how much you will learn!

Here is “The Artist” showing me page by page, his lap Book.

Home School In The Woods is a hands-on history company, with multiple product lines which are as follows:

Project Passport: Ancient Rome study has been release ahead of schedule, and is now available for download here. The now complete Project Passport collection is available here.

To read 89 additional reviews written by my fellow crew members about many of the products from  Home School In The Woods, please click on the banner just below.

Hands-on-History, Project Passport, À La Carte Timelines and Time Travelers {Home School in the Woods Reviews}


As always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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Á La Carte products From Home School In The Woods . . . Our Review

Home School in the Woods now offers many of their hands-on history projects Á La Carte, and our family was blessed to receive two of them for this review!

We received the Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline ( $4 )

and the Timeline of the American Revolution ( $5 )

We have never tackled timelines in hour home education, and I thought this might be a good way of dipping our toes in on a small-scale. I’m very glad we did! It was much more comfortable doing our first timelines this way. The timeline pages are pre-designed to be printed out onto cardstock, and the figures are drawn and simple to print out onto plain old copy paper. They can be colored or not. In our case, “The Puzzler” chose to color some of te figures and also the stars which are printed as top and bottom borders on the timeline pages themselves.

These timelines came with many figures to put onto the timeline and a teachers key. We didn’t even need the teachers key though, because the actual timeline pages had light printing to tell us exactly what to put where, which my kids appreciated.

The Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline, designed to look like a scrapbook format, also came with travel memorabilia to cut out, color and add to the timeline. Many of them got my kids laughing, such as: an Ancient Egypt Resident Fish and Game License, a souvenir bookmark, a boarding pass for a boat trip excursion, and others.

The Timeline of the American Revolution covers from the year 1600 to 1790, and includes historical people and events such as presidents, The Mayflower Compact, The Continental army at Valley Forge, and many others.

Here you can see “The Artist” working on the Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline, and “The Puzzler” coloring in figures for the Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline and the stars on the actual pages of the Timeline of the American Revolution.



These timelines are great! They are a snapshot of a specific time period in history, and Home School In The Woods does an awesome job of making our entrance into timelines incredibly easy!

We have been fortunate enough to review for this company two times before as a result of being on the Homeschool Review Crew. You can look at those reviews here.

The Home School In The Woods Á La Carte products are many, and they are quite varied, which certainly will give you something of interest to you. You will find them all shown and described here.

To read 99 other fair and honest reviews of this and other Home School In The Woods Á La Carte products from my fellow crew members, please click on the banner below.

À La Carte Projects - Individual projects designed to enhance your studies! {Home School in the Woods Reviews}

Crew DisclaimerAs always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)


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Project Passport: Ancient Egypt . . . A T.O.S. Review

Although our family had had one (very good) experience with the company Home School in the Woods, we had never seen any of their “Project Passport” products.

I was intrigued at the idea of trying out Project Passport World History Study: Ancient Egypt, because my eldest son, “The Batman” is very interested in ancient Egypt.

We received this program as a digital download for review purposes, though it is also available in a CD version. The download version allows immediate satisfaction for those of us who suffer from delayed gratification syndrome, though, so I was glad to receive it in that form! 🙂

When I first received my download, I was extremely overwhelmed. Home School In The Woods provides so much in this study! It is meant to be an eight to twelve week study, but we are tweaking it somewhat, in order to accommodate “The Batman’s” special needs. Also, our tendency of going off onto rabbit trails when something interests us or we have a question that has been raised by something we read in a study.

Passport Project: Ancient Egypt is put together as if your student is going on an actual trip, beginning with creating a passport and a luggage folder. Each “lesson” is referred to as a “stop” on the trip itinerary.

With each “stop”, we are given the following:

1. An itinerary

2. Reading material

3. Color pictures and printables of projects

4. Dramatized audio tours

According to the Scope And Sequence, by the end of this study your student will have covered many things, such as:

  • History and Social Studies
  • Language
  • Geography
  • The Arts

For more detail, you may read the scope and sequence in its entirety here

With “The Batman”, I am really taking my time on this study because I didn’t realize it would be so intense for him. He has anxiety problems whenever he feels as though he isn’t getting something “perfect”, even when I tell him it doesn’t have to be perfect. Also he has serious problems with handwriting because of his lack of fine motor skills. However, he really loves the reading, and he enjoys the audio “tours” as well.

We’ve not yet attempted the 3-D projects; we are working up to that. Plus, he and his brothers were away at youth camp for a week. We will be doing them, though. Also, I promised him he would have help; when he looked at the complexity of the 3-D projects (for him) he got scared of even trying.

The very best thing about Project Passport: Ancient Egypt in our opinion is the Lap Book! We LOVE Lap Books! Anyone who has been reading here for long has seen pictures of beaming faces when my kids were showing off a completed Lap Book. 🙂 In fact, the Lap Book is what I am using as “The Batman’s” incentive to do the different projects.

Wherever possible, I am allowing him to type rather than hand write. If it is not possible, then he dictates and either his brother “The Artist” or I will copy what he wants written down. This is just one way of tweaking any study for a special needs child.

We will also, as I said above, help him with any of the 3-D projects he chooses to do. One thing he thinks will be fun is making the “newspaper,” so I am looking forward to working with him on that.

Here are some shots of “The Batman” reading the text during a lesson:



As I said above, he really doesn’t mind the reading involved; in fact, he quite enjoys it. This thrills me given that when we adopted him, we were told he would probably never be able to read, etc . . . Homeschooling has done wonders for him and for our other kids, and Home School In The Woods is a company I would very heartedly recommend to any homeschooling family . . . whether you have special needs children or not.

To read what other Review Crew members thought of this and other Passport Projects, please click on the banner below.
Home School in the Woods Review
Crew Disclaimer
As always, I would love it if you joined me on all of my “Journeys Through Life”. Just go to the “sign me up” button at the top of the blog, enter your email, and never miss an update again! 🙂

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Home School in the Woods . . . a TOS Review

My kids have enjoyed learning with lapbooks ever since we discovered them several years ago, so when I got the chance to review a lapbook package from Home School in the Woods, I grabbed for it!

Home School in the Woods has long been well-known for their Timeline figure sets, Timeline Notebook and Olde World Style Map Sets, but I have to say that judging by the one we got for our review, they have also really hit the mark with “ready to go” lapbooking! Amy Pak and her family do live in the woods, and because she didn’t care for the thought of teaching history, she decided to use timelines. Eventually falling in love with the topic, she began to create timeline figures that are realistic. You can read more about Amy Pak and her family here.

We had to choose between:

Hands-on History Lap-Pak: The 20th Century in America

Great Empires


Hands-on History Activity Pak: Composers

I decided that I really wanted to focus on American History with this one, so we chose to request the Hands-on History Lap Pak: The 20th Century in America.

Because I thought it might be beyond the capabilities of my other three children at this time, I decided to have “The Artist” be the student this time around, deciding with him that he could “do” the Lap-Pak projects and create the lapbook, and we would, at a later time, use his finished product as an educational tool for everyone. Once he got started doing the projects, he decided that they were a lot of fun, and he was learning cool, creative things (like learning how to make a pop-up card because of one of the first few projects), and really went with it, with MUCH more enthusiasm than I’ve seen for other educational endeavors. 🙂

For this review, I received the Hand-on History Lap-Pak: The 20th Century in America as a download product. In my download were files for the following:

Booklet directions
Introduction and lists of additional resources that can be added for deeper study
Project assembly directions
Lapbook assembly directions
Reading text pages, to either print as a booklet or on 8 1/2 x 11 paper for a notebook
Lapbook project masters

The download version of Hands-on History: The 20th Century in America is available for $21.95, or you can purchase it on a CD for $22.95. Since I personally am not skilled in the art of waiting (my personal motto appears to be “instant gratification takes too long”), if I were purchasing this or any other downloadable vs. CD product for our home-schooling, I would most likely always choose the downloadable version. 🙂

This download gives you a very complete unit study, which touches on so very many important historical events, movements, topics, and/or people. You can use the lists of additional resources, and take a much longer time with this unit by “digging deeper” into each subject, or you can do the entire thing “as is”, because everything, and I do mean everything, that you need is included.

Here is our “project center”, all printed out and kept neatly in a three-ring binder and in the actual file folder we would ultimately use for the lapbook, until each page was needed (the only “extra” in the photo is the colorful booklet tucked into the binder pocket. This is a list of the missionaries supported by our church, because we decided to use it for the Modern Missionaries project) . . .


“The Artist” really enjoyed the “putting together” aspect of the projects, but often needed to be reminded to read the text first, and then to go back to the text for his research, so he would know what sort of information to write into each project. In fact, we discovered while assembling the final lapbook that he had completely skipped reading the text and writing information into the project on music, so after completely finishing the assembly, he went back and read that portion of the text, and wrote in the information needed. 🙂

Here are some photos of “The Artist” working on individual projects for the lapbook . . .





Homeschool in the Woods review 004

And here is a photo of the completed individual projects, waiting to be put into the assembled lapbook . . .

Homeschool in the Woods review 005

Really, we liked all of the individual projects, although he had a problem with the project for “Slang Terminology”, because the pocket as printed out and assembled was not large enough to hold all of the printed cards and still be able to be adhered to the lapbook. “The Artist” worked around that by making a separate backing out of the same color of cardstock, so that there would be something to adhere! The only other issue in my opinion, was with the Modern Missionaries project. It is a beautiful little booklet when completed, but it is really beginning to bother me more and more that Christian home education companies seem to be completely disregarding the use of the 1611 King James Version of the Bible when there are Bible verses used. I’m usually having to measure the area and print out the KJV version, hoping that it won’t look like a bad patch job (which, of course, it usually does). I realize that the King James Version has fallen out of favor in a lot of circles, but there are still an awful lot of us who use it exclusively, and would appreciate having it included as an alternative option in the print outs. Other than these two things, we are VERY pleased with this lapbook, both the building of it and the completed product! “The Artist” is excited about the plan to use it later on as an educational tool, adding in the resources for “digging deeper”, and learning as much as we can from it. 🙂

Here are photos of “The Artist” proudly showing off his completed Lap-Pak . . .

Homeschool in the Woods review 009

Homeschool in the Woods review 013

Homeschool in the Woods review 014

Homeschool in the Woods review 016

Homeschool in the Woods review 017

Homeschool in the Woods review 018

Homeschool in the Woods review 019

Homeschool in the Woods review 020

Homeschool in the Woods review 021

Homeschool in the Woods review 026

Homeschool in the Woods review 023

Homeschool in the Woods review 027

Didn’t he do a great job? After discussing it further, we’ve decided we might like to also do the Hands-on History Activity Pak: Composers, and eventually the Great Empires, because “The Artist” so enjoyed putting together the Hands-on History Lap-Pak: The 20th Century in America.

We enjoyed this product, and I think you might, as well!

To see what other Schoolhouse Review Crew members thought of this and other products from Home School in the Woods, please click below . . .


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