Buck Academy: BUCK Making Cents {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

BUCK Making Cents along with Quick Cents to a Buck from Buck Academy are adorable books to teach money lessons to children.

One of the issues “The Batman” has always had is trouble learning about money, so I thought maybe this book would be helpful for him. It is actually written toward ages 5 – 10, but for him, a book about money needs to be geared to the very young.

The book teaches about the dollar bill and how many of each coin is needed to be a dollar. The coin illustrations are foiled, and textured so that he can actually feel the coins. I hope you can see the shiny foil in the picture below:

“The Batman” thought is was funny that it said on the above page “prewash the coins & bill so they are clean for use over and over again.” He said “Mom, wouldn’t that be money laundering?!” We all got a laugh over that one!

On each page, the book teaches about a different coin, and how many of that coin you need to make a buck.

He did have trouble with all but the penny, but we worked on counting by fives for thr nickels and by tens for the dimes. For the quarters, I ended up reminding him that the buck is a piece of paper. If we tore into four pieces, each one would be? He said a quarter. That helped him.

Some of the things he liked the best were details about the coins, like the fact that a dime has 118 ridges around the edge, and a quarter has 119. Those were his favorite facts, and he has been asking other people if they know them.

Written by Dustin Goss and illustrated by Febyolla Goss, this is an excellent book to help children learn some basics about money. At the very end, it says ” Value Knowledge. Gift it forward.” Once the child has read the book over and over again until they really understand the “cents within a Buck,” they should gift the book away to pass on that knowledge!

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Several other Homeschool Review Crew Families also have been checking out BUCK Making Cents and/or Baby BUCK, How Much Am I. I invite you to please go here and find out whaat they think!


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