Progeny Press Redwall & Cricket in Times Square {Review}

Disclosure: I received this complementary product through the Homeschool Review Crew

We love adding Progeny Press guides to our Language Arts studies so we were very happy to receive both Redwall and The Cricket in Times Square Study Guides to review this time. We have reviewed other Study guides from Progeny Press, and you can read what we thought about them here.

My son “The Batman” was in the back seat and saw the screen on my phone when I was checking out which Study Guides were being offered for review, and when he saw The Cricket in Times Square, he immediatly asked if we could get it. Don’t worry, we were not driving, we were sitting in a parking lot waiting for something! When we got home, I had “The artist” take a look, and we settled on Redwall for him. As you can see above, as soon as I learned that we were chosen for the review. I immediately ordered the books to go with the Study Guides. When the books arrived, the boys started reading them right away!

Both Study Guides were ready for me to download as soon as I logged in to Progeny Press. It is so easy to download them, too! I was provided with the e-guides and a seperate download of the Teacher Key.

Both of the Study Guides have the same basic format:

  • Note to Instructor: information about how to use Progeny Press Study guides, information on what things the student will need.
  • A synopsis of the story
  • An “About the author” section
  • Background information
  • Ideas for pre-reading activities

When the student gets further into the Study Guide, he/she will find vocabulary lessons, comprehension questions, a thinking about the story section, a dig deeper section, and optional projects.

“The Batman” and I did a lot of The Cricket in Times Square orally because of his developmental delays, but “The Artist” typed a lot of his in. This is one thing that is really wonderful about Progeny Press, the Study Guides are interactive. Not only can the studen type in his/her answers, but the study guide can also be printed out and written on.

Progeny Press can also be found by checking out the links below:

Social Media Links: Progeny Press


My boys love Progeny Press, and so do I! The books they have chosen for study are really good literature, which is something I really like to put into our home library.

There are 40 other Homeschool Review Crew families who reviewed a variety of Study Guides from Progeny Press over the past several weeks. Please go here to discover what they thought!


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