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G. A. Henty’s “For The Temple,” From Heirloom Audio: Review

Our family has loved listening to the audio dramas from Heirloom Audio ever since we first discovered them, and so we were so happy to receive the two CD production For The Temple for the purpose of this review!

With a wonderful original score by John Campbell and Daniel Philpott, we were swept into history as this production swirled around us! I have always said that scoring really brings a story to life.

The story “For The Temple” follows the Jews and the Romans during the time up to the destruction of the temple which was in Jerusalem. In particular, we follow the life of John, the son of a vintner whose home is on the Sea of Galilee. He wants only to live there, and produce the best grapes in Israel, but war between the occupying force of Rome and the Jewish army opposing them are making this an impossible goal for the time being.

John ends up in the Jewish army and has to leave the vineyard behind, as well as his mother and the girl he is planning to marry.

John ends up being something of a legend as a rebel leader, so much so that when he next sees his loved ones they tell him that along with praying for him, they are praying for the great leader John who is making such a difference!

While out for a walk while his men watch the Roman camp, John meets the Roman General and they fight. When John has the upper hand he learns who the man is, and he makes him swear on his life and his gods that he will not destroy the temple. Then John passes out from a head injury. The General becomes his friend and cares for him for ten days before letting him leave.

While recovering after leaving the Roman camp, John stays in a small poor village on the coast of the dead sea. There he meets someone who says they knew the Nazarene Jesus. At this point, John begins to question his beliefs.

When John learns that the Romans are planning to take the holy city of Jerusalem, he leads six hundred men into the city to protect it, not only from the Romans, but also from three zealot groups who claim to be protecting the city but are in reality stealing from widows and orphans and desecrating the holy temple by staining the altar with blood. John must make a difficult decision. But, you must listen to the story to discover how this all turns out!

Along with the two CD production, we received a wonderful study guide. This study guide has helped to guide our discussions while listening to For The Temple with questions under the following headings:

  • Listening Well. Here, your child will be asked about what he has heard or what he remembers.
  • Thinking Further. in this area, he will be asked to draw conclusions from the actions of various characters, or to speculate about the intentions, mindset and personal character of the people in the story.
  • Defining Words. This is an area to aid in expanding your childs vocabulary. He will be asked to look up and learn words specific to the story.

There is also a recommended reading list given which will help parents and older
children who  to know and understand more about the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70, Three Bible studies, and two essays which gave us a lot of really good background of the time involved in this story.

As always, I do recommend this audio drama to you, along with all of Heirloom Audios other productions! To read what our family thought of the other productions which we reviewed, please read here.

I hope you will go and read what all of the other Crew reviewers think of For The Temple! To do so, please click the banner right below!

For The Temple {Heirloom Audio Reviews}


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Wulf the Saxon From Heirloom Audio Productions: My Review

Once again, our family has had the great pleasure of listening to, and reviewing an audio adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions! This time around, we were blessed by Heirloom Audio Productions with a two CD Set of the wonderful production Wulf the Saxon, which we have so enjoyed listening to, just as we have enjoyed so many other of the terrific productions created by Heirloom Audio!

As a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I have had the wonderful opportunity to review all but on of the “extraordinary” Adventures of G. A. Henty.

G. A. Henty was a master storyteller, and the Heirloom Audion Productions are based on the novels which he wrote in the latter part of the 1800’s. These are awesome stories, because they are stories from real, exciting history! Here is a little video from Heirloom Audio Productions to better explain the mission they have to produce wonderful, true history accounts, which will showcase the hand of God in all of our historical events.

Here are my reviews of other Heirloom Audio Productions that we have been blessed with:

In the Reign of Terror

The Cat of Bubastes

Beric the Briton

The Dragon and the Raven

With Lee in Virginia

Under Drake’s Flag

Heirloom Audio Productions also has a fairly new arm called Live the Adventure Club.

Here, you will find access to extra educational materials for the various audio adventures, articles of interest for parents, a discussion group and much more!

You’re likely wondering when I will get to telling you about Wulf the Saxon, aren’t you? Well never fear, because here we go!

Wulf the Saxon begins in England during the 1060’s, during the time when King Edward the Confessor is ruler. Wulf is page to  Earl Harold Godwinson, but he hopes one day to become a Thane ((in Anglo-Saxon England) a man who held land granted by the king or by a military nobleman, ranking between an ordinary freeman and a hereditary noble.

As a Thane, he would rule his family’s lands. As a page, he is learning to live in a way to show that he is ready for his position in life. During this time Wulf is forced to learn some hard lessons, humility and the importance of friendship, among others. He is sent away after an incident regarding his behavior, and after a time, forgiven and allowed back. He DOES become a Thane, and continues to serve the Earl, and of course, the King.

From this point on, Wulf survives a number of “adventures,” including a shipwreck and being held captive by the Normans. He learns many lessons during this time, and matures in his faith. We learn that continuing in faith is always going to make things end up as they should.

At a time in history when nobles mostly were married in order to create alliances and to prevent wars, Wulf learns that a fortunate few are able to marry for love.

This production, as always, has an awesome cast!

  • Brian Blessed
    G.A. Henty
  • Helen George
  • Alex York
    Wulf of Steyning
  • Stephen Greif
    Baron De Burg
  • David Simeon
    Count Conrad of Ponthieu
  • Thomas Martin
  • Nick Burnell
    Ulred The Blacksmith
  • Dominic Hecht
    Gurth Godwin
  • Mervyn Stutter
  • Philip Sherlock
    Brother Philip
  • Dean Williamson
    Edwin of Mercia
  • Tom Alexander
    The Envoy
  • Chris Larkin
    King Harold Godwinson
  • Jack Farthing
    Duke William of Normandy
  • Sian Phillips
    Gweneth Ab Rhys
  • Patrick Godfrey
    King Edward The Confessor
  • Matt Gavan
  • Oliver Bardell
    Guy De Burg
  • Ruby Thomas
    Agnes De Burg
  • Stuart Pendred
    Llewellyn Ab Rhys
  • David Oakley
    Old Housecarl
  • Andrew Harrison
    Tostig Godwin
  • Daniel Philpott
    The Fisherman
  • Louis Philpott
  • Joe Rachman

Further, once again the Original Score by John Campbell is phenomenal! A great score absolutely adds to the wonder when listening to such a production.

We loved the adventure of Wulf the Saxon, as we have loved the other productions from Heirloom audio! This would be a wonderful addition to any family library, whether you homeschool or not.

To read 99 other fair and honest reviews of Wulf the Saxon from Heirloom Audio, please click on the banner just below. I promise, you won’t be at all disappointed!


Wulf the Saxon {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}Crew DisclaimerAs always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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In The Reign of Terror From Heirloom Audio Productions: My Review

Our family has been very blessed to have had the opportunity of reviewing each new release from Heirloom Audio Productions that has come out during our time with the Homeschool Review Crew.

This time around, we have been given the wonderful opportunity to listen to and review Heirloom Audio’s newest production, In the Reign of Terror, which takes place during the French Revolution.

Prior to this, We have, during my time on the Homeschool Review Crew been very fortunate to review the following: The Dragon and The RavenWith Lee In VirginiaIn Freedom’s Cause: The  Real Story of Wallace and BruceUnder Drake’s FlagBeric the Briton, and The Cat of Bubastes.

I think that one of the things my family and I enjoy most about the Heirloom Audio Productions is that they are not simply audio books, they are actual theater! It is as if we are listening to a movie, and we very quickly become enthralled with what is happening. As I had said in one of my earlier reviews, I can remember my dad telling me about when he was a child, that they listened to exciting programs on the radio.They didn’t have television, of course. He said even my grandma used to listen to her “stories” on the radio, way before they became a staple on network television, lol!

In the Reign of Terror is, as I said, much like a film (to us) with everything except for the visual part. The voice acting is as wonderful as it has been in each and every other Heirloom Audio Production that has been released so far, and the sound effects are wonderful. But as usual, I am going to be the most effusive about the musical scoring by John Campbell, who is an Emmy Award Winning Composer. Not only do I really love great music, but when it comes to scoring, that can make or break a production as far as I am concerned!

As has been true in past productions, we begin with “Mr. George” about the “similarities” between the French Revolution and the American Revolution. This time it is an English boy named Harry. Mr. George is of course patterned on G. A. Henty, and he tells the boy the story of the French Revolution from the viewpoint of a British boy named Harry who is sent to France to teach the English language to the children of a nobleman. Harry is age 15, so this must have been an exciting sounding idea! But then, the French Revolution begins!

We learn about differences between the French Revolution and the American Revolution (or War for Independence.) In American, the people simply wanted freedom, and resisted the King and England as peacefully as they could for as long as they could, before having to fight for a hard-won independence.

In France, it was not about freedom or equality. it was a mob mentality, where those not of noble blood wanted a complete reversal of roles. It got to the point that people were arrested and killed simply from being a noble born person. I myself learned more than I ever have about the French Revolution. The family (and Harry) running from danger are believers, as were many others in France.

Below is a short video to give you an idea of what you will hear, and how well the production is put together:

I really enjoyed once again hearing the familiar voices of Brian Blessed and John Rhys-Davies, along with other very talented actors seen in the image below.

As part of our review, we were given the wonderful, downloadable study guide in pdf form. As Heirloom Audio has done each time, the study guide gives us first, short biographies of G. A. Henty,  Maximilien Robespierre, and Marie Antoinette. From there, we go into the following opportunities of further study:

  •  It is designed for parents who want help talking their younger children through the story and its lessons.
  • It can also serve as series of written assignments for older students.
  • The sets of questions begin and end as the story takes new turns, and each may cover from four to eight minutes of the audio drama.
  • Each set of questions has three parts, Listening Well, Thinking Further, and Defining Words.
    The Listening Well questions ask your child what he has heard or what he remembers. You’ll find that there are easy and not so easy questions, but they can all be answered by listening again.
  • The Thinking Further questions ask your child to think a bit—to look up something
    mentioned in the story, to draw conclusions from the characters’ actions, or to speculate about the intentions, mindset, and character of Harry and his friends and enemies. This is a great opportunity to go off on “rabbit trails” inspired by what comes out of this thinking and discussing!
  • The Defining Words section is exactly that. It will give your child the opportunity to learn new words by looking them up, thus enhancing their vocabulary through this production.

Heirloom Audio Productions also has a new section! It is called “Live The Adventure.”

In the Live The Adventure Club, you can communicate with others about the various Heirloom Audio Productions, you can listen to your CD online (and stop it after each section so as to go over the study guide for that portion), and purchase other productions. There are also tons of other fun and educational things provided! I recommend that you check it out, it’s really terrific!

To read honest and fair reviews about In the Reign of Terror from 99 of my fellow Homeschool Review Crew members, please click on the banner below:

In the Reign of Terror {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

As always, I would just love it if you would join me in all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email information. After that, you will always know when there is something new happening. I hope to see you here very soon! -)

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The Cat Of Bubastes From Heirloom Audio: My Review


We have had the great privilege of being able to review each of the wonderful productions from Heirloom Audio Productions. We have reviewed the following: The Dragon and The Raven, With Lee In Virginia, In Freedom’s Cause: The  Real Story of Wallace and Bruce, Under Drake’s Flag, and Beric the Briton. Heirloom Audio Productions is committed to producing quality audio productionsw of the stories from G. A. Henty, and each one bears the subtitle “The Extraordinary adventures of G. A. Henty” on the cover.

We were especilly excited to receive the latest set!

We have been listening to the newest production from Heirloom Audio Productions called The Cat Of Bubastes.


“The Batman” in particular, was anxiously awaiting the arrival of this one, as he has long had a fascination with learning about Ancient Egypt, an this wonderful production deals with Ancient Egypt!

As reviewers, we received the two CD physical package, along with all of the downloadable bonuses which come with the Family Four-Pack. The following are thebonuses received:

  • The Cat Of Bubastes MP3 set, which we wil be putting on the kids’ tablts, as wel as on a thumb drive for listening to i the car.
  • G.A. Henty’s original Cat Of Bubastes E-Book with all new colorful graphics.
  • The Official Cat Of Bubastes Soundtrack MP3 download, which contains all the original music by Emmy-winning composer John Campbell.
  • A professionally designed, printable promotion poster (24” x 36”) featuring the star-studded cast of Cat Of Bubastes.
  • The complete Cat Of Bubastes eStudy Guide and Discussion Starter.
  • A beautiful, printable copy of the inspirational verse (I Chronicles 17:21) as quoted in The Cat Of Bubastes.
  • Unlimited access to the Live The Adventure Letter E-Newsletter.
  • Exclusive video documentary with the cast, crew and actors in the studio.

This is an incredible story, one rich in history from a Christian perspective! Of course, my most effusive comment is going to be about the scoring of the audio drama. I believe scoring can, and often does, make or break a production, and Heirloom Audio Productions has hit it out of the park each and every time!

This story is about the young prince Amuba and his protector/mentor Jethro. They are captured by the Egyptions and made into slaves in the city of Thebes. They are fortunate enough to become the slaves to an Egyption high priest, and Amuba becomes the companion to the priest’s son. Along the way through the story they encounter much intrigue and are trapped by a plot to kill the family of their Egyption friend. They find much to test their loyalty, and they discover the truth of God’s providence and love.

Here is a short video trailor for The Cat Of Bubastes:

I hope you will enjoy this production as much as we have!

To read what other Homeschool Crew Review members thought of The Cat of Bubastes, please click on the banner below:

Heirloom Audio Productions ~Cat of BubastesCrew DisclaimerAs always, I would love it you would join me on all of my “Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscription box at the top of the blog and enter your email, and you will always know when there is new content here. Hope to see you join me real soon! 🙂


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Beric The Briton . . . My Review

For the past several week, we have had the perfect thing in our house to be reviewing, and at the perfect time, too! We have been blessed to once again review an audio production from Heirloom Audio, this time, the most recent production, Beric The Briton.

When I said above that this was perfect timing, I meant it! The Lord provided this, something we could review without my having to do any direct teaching at a time when I was recovering from two major surgeries and in hospital stays, and then an out-patient procedure when something went wrong with the second procedure! Therefore, my boys were able to  have something they could listen to while I was resting.

This is the fourth production that Heirloom Audio has done of one of The Extraordinary Adventures of  G. A. Henty, and every one of them has been just wonderful!

Beric The Briton takes place during the time of ancient Rome and the Emperor Nero, and is full of non stop action, enough even for my boys! This package came as a two CD set, running about two and a half hours in total.

Some of the stars of this production are:

  • John Rhys-Davies (Indiana Jones and The Lord of the Rings)
  • Cathy Sara (Downtown Abbey)
  • Tom Baker (Dr. Who)
  • Brian Cox (The Bourne Identity, Braveheart)
  • Brian Blessed (Star Wars, Tarzan, King Lear, as well as other Heirloom Audio Productions)
  • Honeysuckle Weeks (Foyle’s War)

Beric, a son of a Chieftess in Briton, is fighting against the occupation and rule of the Romans over his land. He leads his men and continues to fight until being captured and taken to Rome. After this Beric learns about the Christian faith and he decides to become a believer, even though this was an extremely dangerous time for those of the Christian faith. At one point, he even defends a young Christian woman who is put in to face a lion because s will not renounce her faith, and Beric defeats the lion!

All in all, this is a very exciting story, especially for the boys. I also believe girls will enjoy it just as well, since it is not just boys who love action and adventure, is it!

As a part of our review package, we were given the following (as a part of the Family four Pack):

  • The double CD set
  • Beric The Briton MP3 Set
  • Beric The Briton E-Book
  • Official MP3 Soundtrack
  • Study Guide & Discussion Starter
  • Printable Cast Poster
  • Inspirational Verse Poster

And other things.

Please click below for a short look at this production:

The provided study guide is something we chose not to use this time through, because as i said above, I just couldn’t go through it with the boys. However, as always the guide gives so much in extra learning! There is a biography of the author, G. A. Henty,. There are questions and vocabulary words for each section of the story, as well as listening well and thinking further questions. The study guide also offers activities such as recipe, internet links for tours, pictures and the like.

I highly recommend Beric The Briton, along with all of the Heirloom audio productions!

To read what other Review Crew members thought of Beric The Briton, please click on the graphic right below!

Beric The Briton Heirloom Audio Productions  ReviewCrew DisclaimerAs always, I would just love it if you were to join me on all of “My Journeys Through Life.” Just go to the subscribe box at the top of the blog, enter your email, and you will always know when something new is posted here!


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The Dragon and the Raven . . . A T.O.S. Review

The boys and I have had the wonderful privilege over the past few weeks of listening to, and reviewing yet another great production from the company Heirloom Audio Productions. This time, we received  The Dragon and The Raven, a very exciting story set in the 9th century. 

Along with the two CD package, which runs between two and two and a half hours of listening time, we were given a PDF study guide, approximately 50 pages longer, which allows the parents and students to engage even more thoroughly into the story being told, by providing areas to show how well the students comprehend what they are hearing. There are Listening well questions, Thinking further sections, and defining words, so as to expand the vocabulary.  You can use this verbally as we do, or as a written lesson plan.

As with each of the other Heirloom Audio productions we have had the great fun of listening to, The Dragon and The Raven again begins with two older school boys who meet up with “Mr. George,” based upon G. A. Henty. This is one of many G. A. Henty stories, and I’m very excited to see them being turned into wonderful audio productions!  Ned and Gerald are the school boys, and they are placed into the story by Mr. George as Edmund and Harold.

I love the Heirloom Audio productions, plain and simple. They are producing the stories of G. A. Henty as BEAUTIFUL historical stories to listen to. G. A. Henty wrote wonderful historical fiction, based upon true historical fact. In each of the productions we have had the wonder of listening to, he also involves the two boys into the story, the boys to whom he is telling the story.

One of the other things I love is that these productions give history from a Christian prospective. That is very important to me. Without God, without Christ, their simply is no history, and I want my children to know that. I also want them to learn about calling on the Lord, even in the darkest times when you think nothing will work, instead of turning from Him, as the Saxons did in The Dragon and The Raven.

This particular story revolves around the period in history when the Danes (which is what the Vikings were called at that time), are sweeping over all of England, taking over every kingdom. The young King Alfred of Wessex at the age of only 21, along with his friend Edmund come to realize they may be the only hope to stem the tide, and turn their nation back to their faith in the God they have turned away from.

Will they succeed and be victorious? Will they turn their faith and their nation’s faith back to the God they have abandoned? Will the young King Alfred and his family be able to leave their exile and reclaim their castle? You may want to give it a listen to find out!

Heirloom Audio Social Media Sites:





The Dragon and the Raven {Heirloom Audio Productions Review}Crew Disclaimer

As always, I would just love it if you would join me on all of my “Journeys Through Life!” Just go to the “sign me up” button at the top of the blog, enter your email, and never miss an update again! 🙂


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Heirloom Audio Productions: With Lee In Virginia . . . A T.O.S. Review

We were so happy to once again be given the chance to review an adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions!

This time, we were transported to a time in our own country’s history, the War Between The States. We received a double CD package of the audio drama “With Lee In Virginia.”

Given that so much is being discussed in the media regarding the War Between The States, I found this to be a very interesting time to be doing this particular review, to say the least!

This is a masterful G. A. Henty story, written from the point of view of Vincent Wingfield. Vincent is portrayed by ​​Justin Shenkarow, an actor I have never heard of. However, Wakefield truly drew us into this period of time in our history!

At the age of fifteen, Justin goes off to join the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia, in the Confederacy. Before this even happens, though, Justin, whose own family does own slaves, fights with a neighboring slave owner regarding his treatment of them. He later helps keep a family of slaves from that neighbor’s plantation from being split up, and helps the husband get to freedom.

All during the war, as Vincent is reading his father’s Bible, he is finding passages which cause him to feel much differently about slavery, though he continues to fight for the state’s rights and sovereignty as guaranteed in the constitution.

Along the way, Justin fights alongside the likes of General Stonewall Jackson, and General Robert E. Lee, as well as at least two of his friends who joined up with him. He even suffers betrayal at the hands of his former neighbor, after they have been captured, but Justin has a lot more fight left in him before the whole thing ends!

Some of the cast will be immediately familiar to many. Kirk Cameron, as General Stonewall Jackson, was really great! I remember him from all the way back in his sitcom days as a teenager! He has really grown as an actor. James Cameron (Kirk’s son) portrays Justin’s friend, Will Upton, Sean Astin is General Jeb Stuart, And Brian Blessed as G. A. Henty. There are many more, and I think you will find them to be wonderful in this audio drama!

Here is a little video to give you a bit of an idea of this program . . .

As I said above, this is an interesting time to be reviewing this program. I think it should remind us that we cannot “rewrite history” because it suits us as a result of political correctness. The War Between The States happened. Slavery happened. And yes, even if they were wrong in their beliefs regarding slavery, there were, in fact, many, many good and godly men on both sides of the war. In fact, history shows that slaves were held on both sides, too. This war was primarily about states rights. Listening to it during all of our country’s present turmoil SHOULD make one want to delve even deeper, not make one want to erase every sign of the side which lost.

When we received our package, I looked inside and saw that the separate CD’s were different colors, one blue, one grey. Perfect, right? We listened to the first disc one day, and the second disc another day, to give time for thinking about the story. Interestingly, my kids, especially the one who thought it would be boring (“Mr. Loquacious”) because it wasn’t a movie, was the first to say “oh boy, I can’t wait to hear what comes next!”

We are in an interesting position to be reviewing this one, as two of my kids, “Mr. Loquacious” and “The Puzzler” are black, teen boys. I work very hard in today’s climate to help them learn that this does not give them a pass if they do wrong, as so many appear to believe, judging by the media.

“Mr. Loquacious” wanted to know things such as “would he be a slave if he were alive back then?” along with “would we be allowed to be adopted by you?” So we talked a lot about things like that, as well as going off on (little) rabbit trails regarding how laws didn’t allow black men to vote until way later than this part of history, in fact, even in the north, black children were not allowed to go to school with white children until the 1950’s, and the fact that there were many other ways of keeping them separate as well.

Along with the audio drama, we received an mp3 download version of the audio drama, the With Lee In Virginia Ebook (Henty’s original story with new color graphics), the official soundtrack, a study guide and discussion started, and A beautiful, printable copy of the inspirational quote from Robert E. Lee to his son.

Although we have the study guide, we found a lot of discussion starters just listening, as I told you above, so I will save the rest, and do a further in-depth study as my kids are better able to get more into the guide.

This is a wonderful, wonderful program. I love G. A. Henty stories, and Brian Blessed is masterful at the portrayal of him! I wholeheartedly recommend this, along with both of the other Heirloom Audio programs (Under Drake’s Flag and In Freedom’s Cause). We can barely wait until Heirloom Audio brings out yet another adventure!

To read what 99 other crew members thought of this audio drama, please click the banner just below!

With Lee in Virginia Audio Drama Review

Crew Disclaimer


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Under Drake’s Flag (Heirloom Audio Productions) . . . A T. O. S. Review

Growing up, I often heard my dad telling us children about my grandmother listening to the original soap operas on the radio, and about programs on the radio that appealed to the children and families of that time. I had never listened to an audio drama, so I thought this would be an interesting review, especially since my own children have always had the visual along with the audio (what with watching their movies, as opposed to listening, you know). In fact, they are SO used to looking at the screen, I wasn’t sure how well this would be received, but I knew *I* wanted to hear it, so I went for it, LOL! This audio production is written to ages 6 – adult, and I thought that to be pretty accurate.

Heirloom Audio Productions is where you may purchase this wonderful 2 CD boxed set of the Audio Drama “Under Drake’s Flag“. It is available as an “instant access” mp3 version for $20.00, which also includes the following bonuses:

1. The complete Under Drake’s Flag eStudy Guide and Discussion Starter.

2. A beautiful, printable copy of Drake’s Prayer.

If you prefer, you may purchase the 2 CD boxed set at $29.95 plus $6.95, which includes the following bonuses:

1. The “instant access” download of Under Drake’s Flag valued at $20.00.

2. The complete Under Drake’s Flag E-Study Guide and Discussion Starter. 30 pages of Under Drake’s Flag discussion points, history-learning guides and story-related Bible study, valued at $20.00.

3. The Under Drake’s Flag Soundtrack MP3 download, valued at $20.00.

4. A beautiful, printable copy of Drake’s Prayer, valued at $10.00.

The add on bonuses in the CD boxed set add up to $70.00, making this a very good deal, in my opinion!

Now, down to the review! We ended up choosing to listen to the complete story, rather than breaking it up into chapters. After all, when we watch movies, we don’t break them up, either! Plus, to be honest, I was concerned about losing their interest. I didn’t need to worry though, because they listened pretty well! “The Artist” and “Mr. Loquacious” really paid more attention that “The Batman” and “The Puzzler”, and were much better able to answer the comprehension questions in the mini study guide which is included in the boxed set. There is a much expanded study guide as a download, but at this time, it wasn’t a good fit for my boys.

Both guides have comprehension questions for each chapter: “Listening well”, “Thinking Further” questions, and “defining words”. There is also a Bible study section with sections such as “Godly Character”, “True Manhood”, and “Confessing Christ”, each of which is related to parts of the story, and has corresponding Bible verses to use in your study. Drake’s prayer is also printed inside the CD holder, and it is a beautiful prayer.

After explaining to the boys that this would be like “listening” to a movie instead of “watching” a movie, we popped the first CD into our DVD player and settled in. I had told them they could either draw pictures relating to the story while listening, or write down interesting things they heard, but surprisingly, none of them did, they just flopped onto the floor and listened! Even their dad and I enjoyed it, although we were both very tired and not feeling at our best, and so we dozed off a couple of times.

I liked the way the audio drama was written. It begins with two boys, Ned and Gerald, who are British boys in school, working on a report about Sir Francis Drake. Gerald is CLEARLY more interested in the history, while Ned just wants to skip doing it and go to a cricket match. They happen upon a man they are invited to call “Mr. George”, who offers to tell them a story about Sir Francis Drake, in which there just happen to be two boys named Ned and Gerald. We are to understand that Mr. George is G. A. Henty, who lived and wrote about history, writing 122 books which became essential reading in English schools. He promises that if the boys become bored, he will stop if they tell him, so they may go to the cricket match. In the end, they become so caught up in the adventures of the Ned and Gerald in the story, and how they adventured the seas with and without Sir Francis Drake, that they don’t ever ask him to stop telling them the story!

In “Mr. George’s story, we hear about how Ned first comes to Drake’s attention by saving a man who is in the water, Drake promises that should he ever return to Ned’s village, he will offer him a place on his ship, something Ned wants very much, even though his mother is opposed, having lost her husband to the sea. Eventually, though, Drake does return, and offers Ned a position. His mother, knowing what is right for him, gives him his father’s dagger and her blessing.

Ned and Gerald have many adventures, helping to fight against the Spanish Armada, saving a Spanish young lady from drowning, facing the Spanish Inquisition, and more, all the while learning from Drake about being good men with Christian principles. We are hopeful that heirloom Audio Productions will soon release even more wonderful audio dramas such as this one, as we thoroughly enjoyed it!

I highly recommend this audio production!

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