Á La Carte products From Home School In The Woods . . . Our Review

Home School in the Woods now offers many of their hands-on history projects Á La Carte, and our family was blessed to receive two of them for this review!

We received the Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline ( $4 )

and the Timeline of the American Revolution ( $5 )

We have never tackled timelines in hour home education, and I thought this might be a good way of dipping our toes in on a small-scale. I’m very glad we did! It was much more comfortable doing our first timelines this way. The timeline pages are pre-designed to be printed out onto cardstock, and the figures are drawn and simple to print out onto plain old copy paper. They can be colored or not. In our case, “The Puzzler” chose to color some of te figures and also the stars which are printed as top and bottom borders on the timeline pages themselves.

These timelines came with many figures to put onto the timeline and a teachers key. We didn’t even need the teachers key though, because the actual timeline pages had light printing to tell us exactly what to put where, which my kids appreciated.

The Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline, designed to look like a scrapbook format, also came with travel memorabilia to cut out, color and add to the timeline. Many of them got my kids laughing, such as: an Ancient Egypt Resident Fish and Game License, a souvenir bookmark, a boarding pass for a boat trip excursion, and others.

The Timeline of the American Revolution covers from the year 1600 to 1790, and includes historical people and events such as presidents, The Mayflower Compact, The Continental army at Valley Forge, and many others.

Here you can see “The Artist” working on the Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline, and “The Puzzler” coloring in figures for the Snapshot Moments in History: Ancient Egypt Timeline and the stars on the actual pages of the Timeline of the American Revolution.



These timelines are great! They are a snapshot of a specific time period in history, and Home School In The Woods does an awesome job of making our entrance into timelines incredibly easy!

We have been fortunate enough to review for this company two times before as a result of being on the Homeschool Review Crew. You can look at those reviews here.

The Home School In The Woods Á La Carte products are many, and they are quite varied, which certainly will give you something of interest to you. You will find them all shown and described here.

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À La Carte Projects - Individual projects designed to enhance your studies! {Home School in the Woods Reviews}

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2 responses to “Á La Carte products From Home School In The Woods . . . Our Review

  1. Jeanine Byers

    I’m a homeschooling mom, too. The timelines look great! We studied ancient Egypt this year during an ongoing ancient history unit. I think we have the American Revolution next year, so I may check that one out. For which ages are these recommended?

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