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Walking With The Waodani: My Review

We have been checking out the preview version of a brand new unit study from Home School Adventure Co.

I am proud to have reviewd products from this company before: Philippians in 28 Weeks and Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal, both of which were also authored by Stacy Farrell.

It was difficult for me to choose which of the Home School Adventure Co. products I wanted my family to review, but in the end, after switching back and forth a number of times, I went with Walking With The Waodani, written by Stacy Farrell. I chose it in part because we very much enjoy the unit study format as one that we can generally all do together, even though my kids are at different levels of ability. It was also a topic I was interested in, having read materials before written by Elisabeth Elliot. She was married to Jim Elliot, one of the missionaries killed by the tribe written about in this study. You can read more about Elisabeth Elliot here.

Walking with the Waodani is a geographical unit study that features homeschool graduate Russell Winter’s 7-week-long adventure in Ecuador. We received this in digital format for the purpose of this review.

One thing I love about the unit study format is that you cover a lot more than one subject within any unit study. In Walking With The Waodani, you will learn about history and geography. You will have creative writing and world view studies. And your children (especially if you have boys, like I do) will enjoy hitting topics like anacondas, grubs, and piranha (all things *I* could go my entire life without hearing anything about, lol!)

This study came about after the author’s teen sons asked to go to an airsoft tournament hosted by a young man named  Russell Winter, a meeting which led to the creation of the unit study Walking With The Waodani. You may read all about that meeting, and where it led, here.

This study is meant to cover one lesson per week, but really, if you want to be more in depth like we do, you can stretch that out just as you can with any unit study. Another positive of using this format! 🙂

Here are the things which are covered in each lesson of Walking With The Waodani:

  • And introduction which will include the famous nickname of the territory you are learning about.
  • Geographic data (maps, statistics, facts)
  • Stories about people and places having to do with the featured territory.
  • Food and markets: in some lessons there are actual recipes, in some, descriptions of things eaten by people there. Things that *I* would (as I told my missionary cousin after seeing bugs, etc in pictures of a marketplace) just have to go on to Heaven before I would eat it, lol!
  • The various ecosystems, with their very diverse plants and animals.
  • Worldview, exploring religious, philosophical and ideological perspectives which impact Ecuador, along with occasional stories which help us understand the underlying beliefs of the people.

Each lesson also includes what Stacy Farrell calls the Travel Journal components:

  • Notebook pages for use in answering questions having to do with the lesson or an outside source related to the lesson.
  • Map Work: marking geographical or statistical data, and in lesson two the page has questions relating to the ministry talked about.
  • Rate the recipe: assume the role of a food critic and critique any recipe in the lesson.
  • Draw and write about an amazing animal in Ecuador.
  • Creative Writing. Don’t worry about technique, grammar, etc, just set a timer and GO!

We are really enjoying Walking With The Waodani, and i think you will, as well! As I said, we are working with a preview version. The entire unit study has not yet been released, but if you go to this page and sign up, you will be notified when the full version is released. I personally can barely wait for it!

To read 99 other fair and honest reviews of this and three other products from Home School Adventure Co., please click on the banner below.

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Philippians In 28 Weeks . . .A T.O.S. Review

I have been blessed to have another opportunity to review a product from the Home School Adventure Co..

I received a pdf copy of Philippians In 28 Weeks “Love Him With All Your Mind” with Reflection Journal, written by Stacey Farrell.

This book is available in the ESV or the KJV version. As most of my regular readers have already guessed, I chose the KJV version.

Stacey Farrell has devised a very simple way of learning (memorizing) Philippians, although I made it harder than it needed to be at first, lol!

The ages this book is meant to work for are:

Read aloud and discussion as a family: ages 9-11

family discussion and/or parental/teacher guidance, ages 12 and up

Most high School age students should be able to handle this book on their own.

Philippians In 28 Weeks is available as a complete print edition, in either ESV or KJV, for $28.95. The ESV version is also available as a complete e-book for $14.95, while the ESV Memory Cards e-book is available for $9.95.

Stacey has set out five steps to memorizing the book of Philippians:

1. Read the book of Philippians every day.
2. Record your insights in the journal she provides in the book.
3. Repeat your current week’s verses daily.
4. Review and recite from memory.
5. Retain what you have memorized, by reciting your verses at the start of the week, before beginning a new card.

Stacey has provided a very nice log within the book, so that you can keep yourself accountable for keeping up with your study, along with a very nice set of printable cards which have all of the verses to memorize for each week. They are meant to be printed out with the verses on one side and a picture on the other side, but I would prefer not to use all that ink, so only print out the verse side. Also, I have never really cared for the “what everyone thinks Jesus looks like” picture that is used for either the cover of the book or the cards.

I had intended to do this with my boys, but truly over-estimated what they could handle at this time. This is the time of the year when they are memorizing scripture for several different groups within our church, and they just couldn’t manage anymore without falling apart. Therefore, while I will definitely save this for use with the boys later (perhaps during the summer?), I thought it best to at this time, try to do this one on my own. Even so, it ended up being more difficult than I thought it would, but that is NOT the fault of the book, or the author. I have been battling health issues for several weeks, and just as it seemed to be getting better, and I began working on this, it hit back with a vengeance!

However, I really, really love this system! And especially with the things I’ve been dealing with, Philippians is the perfect book for me to work through, so I will be persevering, and I will finish it. I know now that for me, it WILL take longer than 28 weeks, but even so, it is worth it, because I think having verses from Philippians automatically come to me when I need them will be a wonderful help to me during difficult times. I will continue on, even if I need to maybe take TWO weeks for each one week section. I think Stacey Farrell has come up with yet another winner, and I hope she does many more titles for the Homeschool Adventure Co. 🙂

Please, do check out the Homeschool Adventure Co. on the following social media links:






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HUGE Give-away From The Homeschool Adventure Company!

I am very please to tell you that I am part of the launch team for the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal! This is an awesome resource for anyone who would like to really study the book Mere Christianity! Filled with thoughtful study questions, the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal will help you go much more in depth as you are using it alongside C. S. Lewis’ classic book.

I am excited to be a part of this team, and to share with you the huge give-away that is beginning now, to get this book launch going!

The Home School Adventure Co. Launch Team is excited to help celebrate the release of the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal with a special giveaway filled with books that will compliment your classical studies, as well as a couple of special surprises.  

The best news is that there will be two winners, each receiving a very valuable prize package!  

We would like to thank the following friends for their generous sponsorship of this giveaway! Be sure to stop by their websites to say thank you!

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Nancy Pearcey

Trivium Pursuit

Bright Ideas Press

Raising Real Men

Here are the prize packages you could win! 

Prize Package #1

Our first prize package contains all of the print resources from Home School Adventure Co., as well as wonderful books, curriculum, and even a marriage retreat. This prize package, sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Writing, Nancy Pearcey, and Trivium Pursuit, has a value of $500!

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal $28.95

Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics Complete Set $89.95

Philippians in 28 Weeks ESV $28.95

The Wise Woman with Literaray Analysis Journal Questions $28.95

IEW Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Pack (Winner’s Choice of Levels A, B, or C) $249

The Soul of Science $11.99

Total Truth $25.00

Saving Leonardo $26.99

Teaching the Trivium Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style $20.40

The Fallacy Detective $22

The Thinking Toolbox $22

Prize Package #2

Our second prize package is filled with all of the resources offered at Home School Adventure Co. in their downloadable editions, as well as a set of all 3 volumes of The Mystery of History by Linda Hobar. This prize package, sponsored by Bright Ideas Press and Raising Real Men, has a value of $300! 

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal Download $18.95

Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics Digital Download $39.95

Philippians in 28 Weeks ESV Download $14.95

The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions Download $14.95

The Mystery of History, Volume I $49.95

The Mystery of History Volume II $49.95

The Mystery of History Volume III $59.95

My Beloved and My Friend book and Marriage Retreat Online $45

Pollyanna Audio Book Download $18

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. Residents of the U.S., age 18 and older please.

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