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Book Launch & Review . . . Asia: Its People and History


I am very excited to be a part of the book launch team for “Asia: Its People And History“, for a variety of reasons.


The author, Bonnie Rose, is part of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine family, serving as a member of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine’s Star Contributors Team, creating material for SchoolhouseTeachers.com, and working as an editorial assistant for The Old Schoolhouse Magazine®. You all know how much I love being part of The Old Schoolhouse Family as a Review Crew member, so it’s very special to me, being included as part of the launch team for a book written by one of our own! 🙂

So . . . you may be wondering, just what is this book, anyway? Well, it’s a curriculum, but I find it to be more than that, personally.

Book Description:

Welcome to Asia: Its People and History! Is the land of Asia a mystery to your kids? Do they know who lives there? Do they know how to pray for them? Asia is home to more than fifty countries and territories and roughly three-fifths of the world’s population. Could you use some help introducing your family to this vast land? This sixteen-week course presents a brief picture of six nations. It is by no means all encompassing. Its purpose is to introduce your students to the people of Asia, share their stories, and spark curiosity.

I pray that the course does much more than that, however. I pray that through meeting just a few of our brothers and sisters who live in cities and villages with names that are hard to pronounce that your children feel more connected with those who are suffering for their faith in Christ. Through stories and activities, we’ll meet the people of Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran, and Vietnam. We’ll get to know the children of these lands and hear about their experiences. Most of all, we’ll pray for them and their families. Won’t you join us?

Here is a lovely video trailer that you can watch about this book:

Asia: Its People And History covers these six countries in 16 weeks . . . Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran and Viet Nam. I most especially wanted to go through this book because I happen to have family who are missionaries to one of these countries, so my children (and I!) wanted to learn more about it.

Each country in the book covers weeks. We begin with week one: Story with discussion questions. Then, in week two, we have Let’s Talk About (that week’s country), Part One, week three: Story with discussion questions, wrapping up in week four with Story with discussion questions. This format is used for each of the six countries in the book.

I am happy to tell you that the author, Bonnie Rose, has provided bonus content absolutely free, that you can download here. This includes the following:

History and Geography-themed copy work (three handwriting styles)

Facts about Bangladesh

Facts about China

Facts about Iran

Facts about Laos

Facts about Nepal

Facts about Vietnam

Word Puzzles

Asia Nations and Capitals Word Puzzle-enjoy a fun decoding activity to decipher the six nations we are studying.

Letter Scramble-Central and South Asia

Letter Scramble-East and Southeast Asia

Letter Scramble-Middle East

I think my family is going to really enjoy going through this book more fully, now that this short review/launch period is completed!

Paperback available from Amazon.com coming soon in
full color and black-and-white versions.

Kindle version available from Amazon.com.

Ebook available from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.

Kindle, Nook, iBookstore, and Sony eReader versions available from Smashwords.com.

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Christmas With Strategic Shopping . . . Review & Book Launch!

You’re probably thinking “What?! She’s writing about CHRISTMAS?! Didn’t I just finish up with all the frenzy of the holidays???”

Well, yes, I am, because I was given the opportunity to review the e-book “Christmas With Strategic Shopping, The 12 Months of Christmas”, as part of the book launch team for this book, along with another book by the author Candy Foote, entitled “Strategic Shopping”.

strategic shopping bundle

Truthfully, I thought there was no way this book would really help me. I am on of those who realizes all of a sudden in about, oh, October or November, that “Oh, no, Christmas is coming, and I’m so not ready!”, followed by frenzied planning and attempts to get everything done, every gift purchased. Of course, you KNOW that doesn’t work out very well, by then, I can’t afford to get what we want for gifts, and have to stress over the cost of holiday food buying, etc. This leads to TONS of stress on my part!

About The Book:

Christmas with Strategic Shopping – The Twelve Months of Christmas

Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year. It’s also the most stressful time of the year! Decorating, baking, parties, and gift buying all stuffed into the month of December can burden down the best of us!

Candy Foote is a mother of 12 who loves to overdo at the holidays! She loves to go all out on all of it, especially the gift giving! So, how does she manage to do it without having to spend the next five months of the new year paying for all of it? Sadly, many Americans actually do spend January through May trying to pay off Christmas debt!

Candy’s newest book — Christmas with Strategic Shopping: The Twelve Months of Christmas — shows you month-by-month how you can prepare for the holidays, taking the stress out of Christmas and making room for you to actually enjoy the holidays with your family.

strategic shopping christmas cover

Christmas with Strategic Shopping lists exactly what you should be buying each month. It teaches that stores have a specific time where they mark just about everything in the store down to a rock-bottom price.

This book will bring you into the life of a mega family’s celebration of Christmas. You can apply these principles into your own holiday celebration.

Don’t panic – it doesn’t require you to have twelve children in order to apply these techniques!

(I, however, have a family of six, so this will be a very helpful e-book for me!)

I missed out on doing the January ideas, due to life getting in the way, but I intend to do my best to follow her ideas throughout the remainder of the year. I have four boys, and it’s really hard sometimes to make a nice Christmas for them. I like the way she has scoped out the best months to buy certain things, how to set up a “gift closet” or “box”, so that you’ll always have things for other gifting times as well! I LOVE the idea to buy up Easter baskets really cheap after Easter and then spray paint them in Christmas colors to build basket gifts, or to even use them painted up for basket gifts for other occasions (think bridal showers, for instance).

I also really, really love all of Candy’s ideas for teaching one’s children to see giving as the more important thing, and would like to implement them, as well.

About the author:


Candy Foote is a Christian, wife to one, momma to 12, and grandmother to 4, so far (Number 5 is due in May!) She is a homeschool veteran of 21 years. As a homeschooling mother of a mega family, Candy has learned many Strategic Shopping tips that have allowed her to stay at home while her husband, Jud, was the only breadwinner of the family.

Candy runs a website filled with free information on how you can become a Strategic Shopper. She also enjoys going into people’s homes and teaching them through her Strategic Shopping workshops.

Candy considers it her ministry to help other families learn how to live a quality life, while keeping money in their pockets.

I appreciate all of the work Candy has put into getting all of this information together in one place for us! She has even added into her e-book a set of planner pages to use throughout the year in your effort to spread the Christmas over all those months, so that you don’t HAVE to stress at the last moment! I’ll be printing it out and using it for sure!

In Candy’s other book, Strategic Shopping, Candy gives us tons more information on how to save all year just in our normal, everyday shopping. I highly recommend both books, which you can now get as a bundle deal, and at a discount, to boot! Just click the graphic below, and use the discount code shown on it!

strategic shopping discount

stregic shopping disclaimer

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“Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal” . . . My Review

Let me just say right now, the book “Mere Christianity”, written by C. S. Lewis, is truly NOT a book I ever yearned to read. In fact, the only things I have ever read by C. S. Lewis were the Narnia books, which I have been slowly introducing to my kids for years, as read-alouds.

Then, “Mere Christianity” was quoted a few times in the Ladies Bible Study I participate in at my church. Soon after that, I was given an opportunity to be part of a book launch for the “Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal”, a new resource to help you study through “Mere Christianity”, something *I* definitely need. That book is DEEP! 🙂

mere christianity cover

About The Book:
The classic work commonly known as Mere Christianity is actually a four-book series which explores the common ground upon which all Christians stand. It brings together Lewis’ legendary radio talks broadcast during World War II previously published as: Right and Wrong as a Clue to the Meaning of the Universe, What Christians Believe, Christian Behavior, and Beyond Personality (or First Steps in the Doctrine of the Trinity), and provides an unequaled opportunity for believers and nonbelievers alike to hear this powerful apologetic for the Christian faith.
The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is a powerful tool to strengthen critical thinking while cultivating a biblical worldview. Although it was originally created to be a companion resource to Philosophy Adventure, it may also be used as group or independent study for teenagers or adults.

It provides 10-16 questions for each chapter which can be discussed in:
◾Sunday school
◾small groups

This resource is above what my kids can handle at this time, as I discovered while going through it on my own. I will, however, be saving it to hopefully use with them at a later time!

I checked out the book “Mere Christianity” from the library, but there is also this downloadable version online, free.

I am finding the original work “Mere Christianity” somewhat easier to go through by using the “Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal” along-side of it. The journal makes you really stop and think about what you are reading, which, of course, means it will stick better, in my opinion. Having to think about my answers to the various questions for each chapter means I must pay better attention as I read, for one thing! I can tell you now, though, that I think it will take me some time to complete this study. With four special needs kids, along with everything else in my life, I don’t often have the time I’d like to just sit and read.

About The Author:
Stacy Farrell’s worldview changed when she embarked on her homeschooling adventure in 2002.


Her background as a consultant and writer well-prepared her to teach communication skills; however, only hands-on experience (and much time spent on her knees) equipped her to mentor her sons through the character-transformation required to help them work toward their full potential.

Stacy has spoken at a variety of homeschool conferences and has published articles in leading Christian magazines. She wrote scripts for Willow Creek’s youth ministry, copy for Pastor Bill Hybel’s “Defining Moments” Audio Newsletter, and a broad range of material for corporate and non-profit clients. She also managed a law firm that specialized in civil rights litigation and constitutional law. Today, she loves to help empower students to recover territory lost by “fuzzy thinking” and low expectations. To that end, she created:

◾Philosophy Adventure™—Pre-Socratics – designed to help students 6th-12th grade cultivate and defend a biblical worldview by teaching them how to write skillfully, think critically, and speak articulately as they explore the history of ideas
◾Philippians in 28 Weeks™ — a simple and painless way to memorize an entire book of Scripture
◾The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions – an enchanting fable that unmasks the ugliness of pride and selfishness
◾Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal — a powerful tool to strengthen critical thinking while cultivating a biblical worldview.

Although Stacy loves to write, speak, and teach, she considers her role as wife to Roger and mother to two precious sons to be her greatest work and privilege. You can learn more about her resources at http://www.homeschooladventure.com.

I do plan to continue this study, although as I said above, it will take me a while. I’ll need to do it in portions, going back to it when I have pockets of time. But, since I’m finding it to be interesting, and a definite exercise in paying attention to what I read in order to actually think about my answers, I imagine I will eventually complete my journal. 🙂

You can purchase your copy, either in the print or digital edition here

mere christianity disclaimer

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Putting On The Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions For Busy Moms

I have had the blessing lately of being on the wonderful launch team for the Bible Study, “Putting On The Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions For Busy Moms“, written by Katie Horner.


I am excited about this study for a couple of reasons . . . first and foremost, as my regular readers are well aware, I am happiest when I can tell you that something I am reviewing which uses scripture uses only the Authorized King James Version of the Bible, as that is the ONLY version my family, and my church, uses. In her Bible Study, Katie Horner (who blogs at Paradise Praises)has done just that, which makes me happy, and will also please many of my friends!

Another thing I love about “Putting On The Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions For Busy Moms” is that it really does work for us busy moms! I absolutely know how very hard it is to find daily time to be in God’s Word, to study and learn. With this book, you really can spend (most of the time) only about ten minutes at a time, and you will find yourself learning in-depth about the fruit of the spirit.

I love how Katie has pointed out that the Bible is not talking about “fruits”, but rather, “fruit” of the spirit. You can’t just pick and choose which ones you will put on, they are all part of the whole fruit . . . “This is not a fruit-basket life where we can pick and choose which part of Christlikeness we want to put on. No, this is more like an orange, where each virtue is a different slice of the orange. You must have all of the slices together and in their places to have a whole, complete orange.”

With a foreword written by well-known speaker Heidi St. John, this little (approximately 49 pages) ebook packs a powerful punch. You’ll spend between 2 to 5 days on each fruit, finishing up with a day devoted to “The Whole Fruit”. This allows you to focus in small bites for more than one day on each fruit of the spirit.

You will need a study notebook, or you may download (free!) Katie’s companion workbook after you get your Kindle version of the Bible Study.

About the Author:


Katie and her husband Tap have been missionaries in Mexico since 2007. They homeschool their four children and minister through church planting, Bible training, bookstore ministry, and homeschool curriculum development.
Katie is a teacher at heart, and by trade, and loves to encourage women in their God-given roles through speaking, writing and blogging. She is the author of this and two other ebooks (at the date of this printing) as well as the Lemonhass homeschool curriculum for Spanish Speaking families.
Katie blogs about marriage, motherhood, and ministry at ParadisePraises.com and she blogs about home education (in Spanish) at EducandoEnElHogar.com.
She has guest posted on various other blogs in her niche and is also the host of Educando en el Hogar, an internet radio show that is part of the Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.

Other notes of interest: Katie’s four favorite things are elephants, dark chocolate, the color purple and the Mayan hammock in her living room. Oh and she’s due with baby #5 in early Feb. 2014.

Today only, December 10, 2013, Katie’s book “Putting On The Spirit: Ten-Minute Devotions For Busy Moms” is available FREE on Amazon!


Then, for the next 3 days, it will be available at the price of 99 cents . . .


After which it will be at the regular price of $4.99.

I absolutely feel that even if you don’t get it free, or at the reduced launch price, it is worth the $4.99.

If you (or someone you know) would prefer the Spanish language version, that is also available, and for this week only it costs just 99 cents, and Katie has made available the Spanish language version of the Companion Workbook, as well! 🙂


Once again, I whole-heartedly recommend this book and its companion workbook to everyone!


As always, I’d love it if you joined me on all of “My Journeys Through Life”! Just go to the top of this page and enter your email into the “sign me up” button, and never miss an update! And, if you enjoy “My Journeys”, please, go to our Facebook Page and “like” it. I’d sure appreciate it if you did! 🙂


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Devotions From The Torah . . . A Really Good Series!

I have lately been reading through two books written by Author Nicole Vaughn. They are the first two books in a series called “Devotions From The Torah”

Devotions from torah

. . . and I was given copies of the following two books:

Devotions from Genesis: It’s Not Just Ancient History

Devotions from Genesis

Devotions from Exodus Part One: Learning to Live in Freedom

Devotions from Exodus

One of the things I like the best about these devotions is that they are not dated, not even by day of the week. I never felt like I was getting behind, and could simply read through as I was able!

I’m primarily going to talk with you about Devotions From Genesis: It’s Not Just Ancient History, as this is the book I have gotten more into depth with during the time I have had both books. 🙂

Here, I will show you the table of contents, because I really would like for you to see how this devotional book is set up for your reading . . .

Section 1: Genesis 1–11:
Discovering the Character of God and
Man through the Creation, the Fall, and
the Flood

Section 2: Genesis 12–36:
Discovering Faith and Obedience through
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Section 3: Genesis 37–50:
Discovering the Comings of Christ and
Trust in the Midst of Trial through the
Life of Joseph

In this wonderful devotional book, author Nicole Vaughn takes us through the book of Genesis, one chapter at a time, and as you will discover in the introduction, she suggests that you read the chapter in your Bible before reading the topic of each day’s devotion. As she has used the New American Standard Bible for all of the scripture quoted in her book, I would have done so anyway, as I use only the King James Version of the Bible. 🙂 That said, I think you can learn a lot through this devotional book, even if like me, you use different version of the Bible than the one quoted in this book. As with any devotional book, you should always have your own Bible open, and look everything up yourself.

One devotion that I particularly liked was based upon Genesis 2:18, which will quote from my Bible:

“And the Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him”.

The author goes on to talk about how, after creating all of the plant life, the animals, all of creation, God knew that it wasn’t quite enough, and gave the man a woman to be his wife, his helper. God made the woman from a rib that came out of the man’s side, and in the devotion, the author talks about the importance of this gift from God. Imagine, she was created from a rib out of the man’s side! She was “not taken from his head to rule over him, or be ruled over by him”, nor “taken from his feet to walk all over him or to be walked all over”. No, she was taken from his SIDE, to “complement him, to be his helper, to be his friend”. I think this is important to note, because I hear all the time from people who believe the evangelical position is for the woman to be a doormat. It is not. The husband was given responsibility over his wife, not dominion. There is a HUGE difference, that I wish women (and many men!) of today would see.

Also in this devotion, it is pointed out that God said (in Genesis 2:24) “They shall be one flesh”, which is the first blood covenant recorded.

Our God is a God of covenant. “A covenant is a solid, binding agreement that is made by passing between two pieces of flesh. It supersedes all other relationships and contracts.
It is an unconditional agreement. God created the marriage covenant”.

In this, we see a picture of the trinity, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and we see things that bring us right to the New Testament! n Ephesians, it is taught that the husband is to love his wife as Christ loved the church.

When God created the woman, he called her a “helper”. In John, Jesus tells the disciples that God will send a helper. That helper is the Holy Spirit.

This is from this wonderful devotion, and shows the picture of the trinity, as well as connecting the Old and New Testaments:

“In a marriage covenant, we have God as the head, we have the husband who is to love as Christ, and we have the wife,the helper”.

Each devotion begins with a scripture, moves on to a reading about the chapter the scripture came from, and ends with a prayer. I found this book to be very thoughtful, and a good, in-depth devotional, but still easily added into my day as I was able.

About the author:

Author Nicole Vaughn is the Children’s Ministry Director at Shiloh Baptist Church in Somerville, AL. She is the co-administrator of CrossRoads Christian Academy. She is the founder of Proven Path Ministries. She has also lead inductive Precept Upon Precept studies, has served as an advocate for her local crisis pregnancy center and has shared the testimony of Christ throughout her community and abroad. Nicole is a woman who is dedicated in her faith, devoted to her family, and driven to share the truth of God with others. She and her husband, Patrick, currently reside in Decatur, AL with their two youngest children.

“Devotions From Genesis: It’s Not Just Ancient History”is available in paperback and Kindle.

“Devotions from Exodus Part One: Learning to Live in Freedom” is available as well in paperback and Kindle format.

Devotions disclaimer

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HUGE Give-away From The Homeschool Adventure Company!

I am very please to tell you that I am part of the launch team for the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal! This is an awesome resource for anyone who would like to really study the book Mere Christianity! Filled with thoughtful study questions, the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal will help you go much more in depth as you are using it alongside C. S. Lewis’ classic book.

I am excited to be a part of this team, and to share with you the huge give-away that is beginning now, to get this book launch going!

The Home School Adventure Co. Launch Team is excited to help celebrate the release of the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal with a special giveaway filled with books that will compliment your classical studies, as well as a couple of special surprises.  

The best news is that there will be two winners, each receiving a very valuable prize package!  

We would like to thank the following friends for their generous sponsorship of this giveaway! Be sure to stop by their websites to say thank you!

Institute for Excellence in Writing

Nancy Pearcey

Trivium Pursuit

Bright Ideas Press

Raising Real Men

Here are the prize packages you could win! 

Prize Package #1

Our first prize package contains all of the print resources from Home School Adventure Co., as well as wonderful books, curriculum, and even a marriage retreat. This prize package, sponsored by the Institute for Excellence in Writing, Nancy Pearcey, and Trivium Pursuit, has a value of $500!

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal $28.95

Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics Complete Set $89.95

Philippians in 28 Weeks ESV $28.95

The Wise Woman with Literaray Analysis Journal Questions $28.95

IEW Teaching Writing/Student Writing Value Pack (Winner’s Choice of Levels A, B, or C) $249

The Soul of Science $11.99

Total Truth $25.00

Saving Leonardo $26.99

Teaching the Trivium Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style $20.40

The Fallacy Detective $22

The Thinking Toolbox $22

Prize Package #2

Our second prize package is filled with all of the resources offered at Home School Adventure Co. in their downloadable editions, as well as a set of all 3 volumes of The Mystery of History by Linda Hobar. This prize package, sponsored by Bright Ideas Press and Raising Real Men, has a value of $300! 

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal Download $18.95

Philosophy Adventure – Pre-Socratics Digital Download $39.95

Philippians in 28 Weeks ESV Download $14.95

The Wise Woman with Literary Analysis Journal Questions Download $14.95

The Mystery of History, Volume I $49.95

The Mystery of History Volume II $49.95

The Mystery of History Volume III $59.95

My Beloved and My Friend book and Marriage Retreat Online $45

Pollyanna Audio Book Download $18

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below. Residents of the U.S., age 18 and older please.

a Rafflecopter giveaway


As always, I would love it if you’d join me on all of “My Journeys Through Life”! Just go enter your email information into the “sign me up” button at the top of the page, and never miss another update! 🙂

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“The Force” is here!

As I told you all in a previous post, I am excited to be part of a launch team for the newest novel “The Force“, written by Alexandra and Joyce Swann.

About the authors:

Joyce and Alexandra Swann are mother and daughter. Joyce homeschooled her ten children from the first grade through master’s degrees. She is a well-known author and speaker on the subject of homeschooling. For nearly a decade she was a popular columnist for “Practical Homeschooling Magazine”. She now blogs regularly on parenting, homeschooling, and Christian lifestyle issues.

Joyce and Alexandra have co-authored two other novels, The Fourth Kingdom and The Twelfth Juror, both of which were published in 2010.

Joyce’s personal story of her experiences raising and educating her family is chronicled in Looking Backward: My Twenty-Five Years as a Homeschooling Mother, published in February of 2011. Her novel, The Warrior, which tells the story of one woman’s ten year prayer vigil for a man she has never met, was released in May of 2012. She is also the author of two children’s books, “Tales of Pig Isle” and “The McAloons”, which began as stories that she told to entertain her grandchildren.

Alexandra is the author of “No Regrets: How Homeschooling Earned me a Master’s Degree at Age Sixteen” and “Writing for Today”. She has been self-employed for over fourteen years and was the 2011 Chairwoman of the Board of the El Paso Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. She writes a regular blog, Paying for Protection, about the consequences of over-regulation and over-reaching government. Her novel “The Planner”, which is the prequel to “The Chosen”, was published in June of 2012.

When I posted before, it was to offer you a free download of the prequel called “The Fourth Kingdom. Today, I am very pleased to share with you that you can, for a short time, download “The Force” for Kindle, absolutely free!


About “The Force

Someone is murdering the world’s most beautiful women—over and over and over. When Jarrod and Joshua Sinclair are called in to consult with the FBI about the Hollywood Starlet murders, they immediately suspect their old nemesis Josef Helmick of creating clones of famous women for a visiting Saudi prince. Wasting no time, they hire retired detective Fred Kowalski and send him to Dubai to uncover Josef’s base of operations and build a case against him for the murders. But Fred soon discovers that Helmick Enterprises is harboring a secret much darker than human trafficking. Fred must stop Helmick before he resurrects an ancient, diabolical Force in order to bring the entire human race under his control.

Just go here, and settle in for an exciting read! I just got my copy and am looking forward to thrilling read!


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A New Book is coming . . .

I am part of a launch team for the new book “The Force“, by home-school mother and daughter authors Joyce and Alexandra Swann.


I am excited to see more Christian, home-schooling moms writing books for us to read, especially when they are novels!

Before “The Force” is officially launched, you can read the prequel, titled “The Fourth Kingdom“, which is FREE this week on amazon.


Just click here to download your free copy for Kindle, this week only, and get up to speed on the story before the sequel is released later this month!

I will be posting more as the launch date approaches, along with reviews of both books, so stay tuned! 🙂


As always, I would love it if you join me on all of “My Journeys Through Life”! Just enter your email information into the “sign me up” button at the top of the blog and never miss another update!

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