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Memoria Press Sixth Grade Liturature Guide Set {Review}

If you prefer classical Christian education then you need to check out Memoria Press and their Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set  which includes the King Arthur Literature Guide.

Memoria Press sixth 2

However, you don’t have to be using the Classical Education method to really appreciate this set. We are far, far from being Classical Education home schoolers, and we think these are just great! We have reviewed educational curricula from Memoria Press in the past, and you can see those reviews here.

Memoria Press very generously sent us the complete Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set for the purpose of this review, and this is what came out of the box when it arrived to us.

Memoria Press 6th 1

When given the choice of which grade to review, I did not choose based upon anyone’s grade level. I had my son look at all of the choices, and he picked the one which had guides for specific books he wanted to read. He chose this level, and the guide we decided to begin with is King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table. Because I thought these guides were a valuable resource educationally, I purchased the matching book.

memoria press 6th 5

After reading each chapter in the book,

memoria press 6th 4

my son went directly to the Student Study Guide.

memoria press 6th 3

I believe in the picture above he’s working on the vocabulary portion of the chapter he just read, as he has the dictionary open next to him.

For each chapter, the Student Study Guide has a quote at the top of the page on the left. That will be for later. First, he has a section called Reading Notes. My son said “they are kind of like reminders about people, things and places .”

memoria press 6th 7

Next, he works on the small vocabulary list. Here is the  one I was able to get a picture of early on, which also shows part of the following section, the comprehension questions.

memoria press 6th 8

The next section Discussion Questions, is where he would need the aforementioned quote. There are questions regarding who said the quotation and to whom, and then further questions regarding people and/or things which happened in a given chapter. I like to use this as a  starter for oral discussion in our family. Next, we have the section titled Enrichment. For example, in King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table, scattered among enrichment activities involving writing, there is an opportunity to play a game patterned on Percivale needing to distinguish between what was real and what was caused by an evil spirit. We’ve played a similar game in the past called Two Truths and a Lie.

Here, my son is checking out the family tree of King Arthur and his four bravest knights. Um . . . yes. A haircut will now be on the agenda, today or tomorrow. 😳

memoria press 6th 6

The King Arthur Student Study Guide has 47 pages of student work pages followed by an appendix of 10 pages. After the 3 pages of definitions is the part I like the best, long pieces of poetry. Two by Alfred Lord Tennyson (The Lady of Shalott and a passage from Le Morte D’Arthur) and one by Howard Pyle (The Wooing of Sir Keith). The King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table Teacher Guide is 115 pages long, and gives you all of the answers for the Student Study Guide.

The other three books in this level are The Door In The Wall, The Adventures Of Robin Hood and Adam Of The Road. The Student Study Guides are all of a similar length with the exception of The Door In The Wall which has 19 student pages. All of the Student Study Guides and Teacher Guides are 8 1/2″ x 11″, bound with a sturdy, glossy cover. I think they will stand up to use.

As I wrote at the top of this review, These literature guides are great no matter what style of home schooling your family does! We are very relaxed, wing-it style home schoolers, using an extremely wide variety of materials. We are not school in a box kit people, we’re more free wheeling, and we love these!

With 65 reviewers in total, you will see a variety of opinions and grade levels. Please click below to see what the other 64 have to say!

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Music Appreciation From Memoria Press . . . My Review

Before becoming a member of the Homeschool Review Crew, I had not been exposed to anything from Memoria press, ever. As you can see by going to this link, we have loved what we have used thus far! Memoria Press makes classical education easier with Music Appreciation I, and even though we do not follow the classical education method, the products from this company work well in our eclectic, relaxed style as well. This package is intended for grades 3 – 5, however I am using it for my boys who are in various levels, both below and above that range, and it’s working well for them.

Having grown up in a house filled with music, it has made me so happy to have a way of exposing my own children to both listening to and learning about music. I spent my life hearing many of the pieces included in Music appreciation 1, as my father had a very extensive musical library on vinyl record albums (yes, as a matter of fact, I *am* that old, lol!).

One of my boys in particular (The Batman) very much enjoys classical music, which I think my dad would have liked had he still been living when we adopted our kids. Because of the fact that my boys really like music in many forms, we are very much enjoying this product!

The concept of this lesson book with included music CD’s is one I really like. Although I can simply play music and try to instill an appreciation of it myself, and probably succeed, I cannot teach them about the music, the history involved, or the musical concepts without doing a great deal of research. Luckily, Memoria Press has already done that research for me! I also like having the selections for each lesson on the included CD’s. This means I don’t have to find them myself for this course.

The lessons in this book are ordered in such a way that the boys are learning all of these things without a ton of effort. The format is as follows:

  • Listen (to the piece called for, on the included CD’s)
  • A Little History (about the composer, the musical style, the time in history)
  • Musical Concept about the form, includes the piano score of a portion of the piece so you can play it if you like)
  • About The Piece (discusses the style of the piece)
  • Music History (discusses the period, such as Baroque)
  • Facts To Remember (numbered list of what was taught)
  • Listen Again (with instructions on what to listen for)

Music Appreciation 1 does not just cover classical music. This book goes into pieces by Aaron Copland and George Gershwin as well. With this being Music Appreciation 1, it makes me look forward to the possibilities of further books on this subject by Memoria Press!

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Nature’s Beautiful Order From Memoria Press: Our Review

We have recently received for the purpose of this review the curricula Nature’s Beautiful Order, from the company Memoria Press.


We have reviewed products from Memoria Press before, which you can read about here.

Nature’s Beautiful Order is a set which includes the text-book, student guide (workbook) and teacher guide (a copy of the student guide, but with the answers included. According to the website for this product, it is intended for grades six through nine.

John James Audubon is just one of the writers whose works are presented in the text-book for Nature’s Beautiful Order.

Here is what your student will learn about, and the order it is presented in the book:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: What Is an Animal?
  • Chapter 2: The Lobster
  • Chapter 3: The Cuttlefish
  • Chapter 4: The Sea Urchin
  • Chapter 5: The Bee
  • Chapter 6: The Trout
  • Chapter 7: The Frog
  • Chapter 8: The Turtle
  • Chapter 9: The Canada Goose
  • Chapter 10: The Miracle of Flight
  • Chapter 11: Day’s Herald Bird
  • Chapter 12: Birds at Home
  • Chapter 13: The Groundhog
  • Chapter 14: The White-Tailed Deer
  • Chapter 15: The Carnivora
  • Chapter 16: Farm Friends
  • Chapter 17: Man the Upright Animal
  • Chapter 18: Man the Steward

I put “The Artist” on this review, because when I was reading off the possible titles, he jumped on this one. He is our “go to” guy for pretty much all things natural science, so this one really attracted him.

Here he is, unboxing the package this curricula arrived in:

“The Artist” is telling me that he enjoy the text-book, because the chapters read like a story as opposed to a text book. That said, he does not like the Student Guide. He says that he feels it uses too many questions he can’t understand, and that it is confusing to him. Now, to be fair, he has not had much exposure to educational material which focuses on critical thinking skills, so this is not in any way a failure of this curricula. We are not a “classical method” homeschooling family. He has agreed to work through it orally with me however, and to then  write down the answers. That was his other complaint, too much writing for him, lol!

Here he is reading the textbook, and working in the student guide:

As you read above, this material begins with the question of what is an animal, moving from there all the way up to man, which leads me to the one big thing that bothers me, the reference to man as an animal. I don’t believe this idea is at all Biblical, I don’t believe God would create an “animal” and say that it was created in His image. I do realize that there are many who would not agree with me, even including others within the Christian faith, but there it is. With this one exception, this is a wonderful curricula for homeschoolers.

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Iliad & Odyssey Set . . . My Review

“The Artist” very much loves reading about Greek Mythology, etc, so when the opportunity came up to review the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set  from Memoria Press, he really just about begged me to ask for it, even thou I was leaning more toward a different set which was also offered. So I did!

Memoria Press was generous enough to send us the following:

  • Iliad
  • Iliad Student Guide
  • Iliad Teacher Guide
  • Iliad DVDs
  • Odyssey
  • Odyssey Student Guide
  • Odyssey Teacher Guide
  • Odyssey DVDs

If you were to purchase each set separately, they would be $75.00 each. However, by purchasing the Complete Set, you would have a savings of $15.00 as the Complete Set is sold here at the cost of $150.00. I think that in the end, since the two stories actually tell a whole tale, it is worth it to get the complete set and save a little bit over buying them separately.

As I said above, “The Artist’ REALLY wanted me to go for this one. This is what happened when the box arrived at our house. The second we had it opened, he had it out of my hands and well, you can see what he thought!


I was nowhere NEAR ready to begin just yet, and he was already reading on his own. SCORE!

The Iliad comes first in the story, as it is the period during the Trojan War, whereas the Odyssey is the story about the journey home from the Trojan War. I’ll be completely honest here and tell you that I did not know this at all. I had never read either book.

By getting the Complete Set, we now have enough material for a full year Language Arts course, which (bonus!) is based on a period of history which fascinates “The Artist”.

So, I bet you want to know how this set works, don’t you? Well, I think when you read all of the reviews, you will find that there are different ways to make this work in your family. For our family, this time around I’m just using it with “The Artist.”

Both The Iliad and The Odyssey are divided up into “books” as opposed to chapters. After the Preface, The Iliad has a wonderful section with three pages of charts giving “The Friends and Foes of Homer’s Iliad,” “Greeks: Major Characters,” and “Trojans: Major Characters.” The Student Guide is a consumable book, meant to be written in and used by just one person. We read one “book,” then watch the DVD covering that book, then go to the Student Guide to read and answer the questions. Of course, then the Teacher Guide allows me to check the answers and grade them. The DVDs are really not all that long, about a half an hour or so each. They are helpful with giving us the correct pronunciations for many things and people in the stories, and explaining questions that made going through the Student Guide somewhat easier.

Both The Iliad & The Odyssey sets are formatted the same, so once having completed The Iliad, we will be used to it and able to just continue right along with The Odyssey

Even though the Iliad & Odyssey Complete Set  from Memoria Press were not MY first choice, I am glad I put it down as first choice, because “The Artist” is truly enjoying it! He even enjoys reading the books just for free time reading, which I think is great!

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D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths from Memoria Press . . . a T.O.S. Review

Many years ago, we purchased a history curriculum which had a number of D’Aulaires’ books, and I fell immediately in love with them. So, you can understand why I might be excited to be one of the lucky reviewers to work with this set from Memoria Press!


We are reviewing the D’Aulaire’s Greek Myths Set.


We received for the purpose of review the following products:

  • The D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths book
  • The Teacher Guide by Cheryl Lowe and Leigh Lowe
  • The Student Guide, also by Cheryl Lowe and Leigh Lowe
  • A package of flash cards

This study package is well laid out, and makes a great deal of sense. I realize there are some Christians who would question our studying this topic, but right from the introduction of the Teacher’s Guide, the question of “why study Greek Mythology?” is discussed. There were things that I had never really known, such as the fact that next to the Bible, the Greek Myths are the most important set of stories in human history. They are stories which are everywhere in English literature and in our culture, something you can even see in the names of planets, constellations, and even the names of products we can buy!

I like the way that this particular study guide shows that the Greek myths and other ancient stories often are similar to Bible stories. I like that in my opinion, this shows that even without the actual Bible, other cultures have the same knowledge from The Lord, regardless of how they have passed it down. For example, nearly all ancient “mythologies” have the story of the garden of Eden, and the world-wide flood.

The evidence of seeing the similarities can be used to either show proof of the Bible, or if one is contrary, to show that the Bible is also myth, but for my fellow believers, I agree with the authors in that “students who have gone through these thought processes will be prepared for the mythologizing of the Bible that will come later in life.”

We are really enjoying the stories in the D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths, and the study materials only make it better! It is laid out by lesson number, for example lesson one would be pages 9 – 15 in the D’Aulaires’ Book of Greek Myths, covering “Olden Times, Gaea, The Titans, and Cronus.”

Each lesson has the following sections to aid in study and memorization:

  • Facts to know

Facts to know highlights the most important information in the D’Aulaires’ book. It should be drilled throughout the year, after which the student should be able to recite the information at the end of the course.

  • Vocabulary

This section covers words that may be new and challenging, so that they can be defined and discussed before reading, or as they come up while reading.

  • Comprehension Questions

These questions are designed to help the student best identify the virtues and follies of the mythological heroes.

  • Activities

The pictures from the D’Aulaires’ book are so wonderful, and help as a memory aid. The activities sections in the study guide have the student identify specific details that bring the story to life, perhaps even by labeling them in pencil. There are also many enrichment activities, such as maps, timelines and family trees.

The flashcards included in this set are GREAT for review, whether at home or on the go! They re-enforce the knowledge we have gained through reading the Daulaires’ book and using the study guide.

We are enjoying this set, and think you may as well. To find out what other crew members think, please click the banner below.

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