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Progeny Press Study Guide (Little House On The Prairie) {Review}

 I really like using a good unit study to go along with good books, and Progeny Press has a good number of them! We have been working through the Little House on the Prairie Study Guide.


This is not our first study guide from Progeny Press. We have done a few others, which you can read about here.

My son chose the study guide he wanted to do. He has always really liked the television show “Little House on the Prairie,” and has been surprised at how different the book is from it, although I personally thought that the pilot episode came fairly close to this book!

“The Puzzler” has been slowly working his way through this one. I say slowly because he has real comprehension problems, and other learning delays. In the past when we have used study guides, we have mostly done them orally with all of the boys. This time, I thought we’d try having “Mr. Puzzler” use the interactive PDF, and type in his own answers.

This has actually been working fairly well! He doesn’t like to do a whole lot of hand writing, and he is very picky about how it looks, so usually it just takes forever with erasing and rewriting. Typing in the answers allows for him to more easily correct his errors (although I did just realize that he spelled griping with two p’s) This also has allowed him to work mostly on his own, which he’s been enjoying.

This study guide suggests reading the entire book and then doing each section of the guide, but since each section covers about five chapters which is an easier bite for “The. Puzzler,” he has been reading the book one section at a time and then answering the questions for that section. Admittedly, this is taking a good bit longer that suggested by Progeny Press, but the beauty of homeschooling is that we don’t HAVE to stay on schedule, we are able to work at the pace my kids can handle, and thus retain what is learned.

There are a variety of activities the student can do throughout this guide. One that I was able to catch in pictures was making Molasses Milk, which we’d never heard of.


Pretty much all of them said it was definitely not something they’d ever ask for again!

This study guide covers a lot of things, not just language arts. We have looked at history, geography, social studies, Bible, etc. I specifically mention Bible because I so appreciate the Mission Statement of Progeny Press:

“To teach our children to think clearly, to understand literature, and to rely on the scripture for truth and values, and enjoy themselves while they do it!”

The Little House on the Prairie Study Guide uses the following as the format:

  • Vocabulary – he has been exploring synonyms, similes and personification.
  • Comprehension Questions
  • Think about the story
  • Dig Deeper – Thinking about the situations in the story with a Biblical perspective, with verses to look up and ponder.
  • Class Debate – We use as discussion questions.
  • Optional Activities

Having the option of doing the study guide orally, print the guide out and write the answers in, or use the interactive function and type the answers in has allowed more flexibility for us as my kids have moved from one to the next with the different guides we’ve used. Progeny Press is a wonderful choice for our family, and maybe it will be for you, as well! You may check out the sample here.

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Memoria Press Sixth Grade Liturature Guide Set {Review}

If you prefer classical Christian education then you need to check out Memoria Press and their Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set  which includes the King Arthur Literature Guide.

Memoria Press sixth 2

However, you don’t have to be using the Classical Education method to really appreciate this set. We are far, far from being Classical Education home schoolers, and we think these are just great! We have reviewed educational curricula from Memoria Press in the past, and you can see those reviews here.

Memoria Press very generously sent us the complete Sixth Grade Literature Guide Set for the purpose of this review, and this is what came out of the box when it arrived to us.

Memoria Press 6th 1

When given the choice of which grade to review, I did not choose based upon anyone’s grade level. I had my son look at all of the choices, and he picked the one which had guides for specific books he wanted to read. He chose this level, and the guide we decided to begin with is King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table. Because I thought these guides were a valuable resource educationally, I purchased the matching book.

memoria press 6th 5

After reading each chapter in the book,

memoria press 6th 4

my son went directly to the Student Study Guide.

memoria press 6th 3

I believe in the picture above he’s working on the vocabulary portion of the chapter he just read, as he has the dictionary open next to him.

For each chapter, the Student Study Guide has a quote at the top of the page on the left. That will be for later. First, he has a section called Reading Notes. My son said “they are kind of like reminders about people, things and places .”

memoria press 6th 7

Next, he works on the small vocabulary list. Here is the  one I was able to get a picture of early on, which also shows part of the following section, the comprehension questions.

memoria press 6th 8

The next section Discussion Questions, is where he would need the aforementioned quote. There are questions regarding who said the quotation and to whom, and then further questions regarding people and/or things which happened in a given chapter. I like to use this as a  starter for oral discussion in our family. Next, we have the section titled Enrichment. For example, in King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table, scattered among enrichment activities involving writing, there is an opportunity to play a game patterned on Percivale needing to distinguish between what was real and what was caused by an evil spirit. We’ve played a similar game in the past called Two Truths and a Lie.

Here, my son is checking out the family tree of King Arthur and his four bravest knights. Um . . . yes. A haircut will now be on the agenda, today or tomorrow. 😳

memoria press 6th 6

The King Arthur Student Study Guide has 47 pages of student work pages followed by an appendix of 10 pages. After the 3 pages of definitions is the part I like the best, long pieces of poetry. Two by Alfred Lord Tennyson (The Lady of Shalott and a passage from Le Morte D’Arthur) and one by Howard Pyle (The Wooing of Sir Keith). The King Arthur And His Knights Of The Round Table Teacher Guide is 115 pages long, and gives you all of the answers for the Student Study Guide.

The other three books in this level are The Door In The Wall, The Adventures Of Robin Hood and Adam Of The Road. The Student Study Guides are all of a similar length with the exception of The Door In The Wall which has 19 student pages. All of the Student Study Guides and Teacher Guides are 8 1/2″ x 11″, bound with a sturdy, glossy cover. I think they will stand up to use.

As I wrote at the top of this review, These literature guides are great no matter what style of home schooling your family does! We are very relaxed, wing-it style home schoolers, using an extremely wide variety of materials. We are not school in a box kit people, we’re more free wheeling, and we love these!

With 65 reviewers in total, you will see a variety of opinions and grade levels. Please click below to see what the other 64 have to say!

First to Tenth Grade Literature Guides {Memoria Press Reviews}


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